Anthem for Horns and Piccolos

By Roy Doughty
Written: 2/15/07

The approach of this light was not overtly heralded,
But it became apparent to the dew
That a clarion announcement would be made,
To declare that its royalty would now fulfill
The ephemeral wonder of its destiny.
Their bodies of water became the bodies of light,
As a realization likewise rushes us humans
Into this awesome clutch of luminescence.
Here is the death, at last, of death and fret,
A no-place or a non-positionality
Without an edge to bristle or defend,
A swirling in the profuse tweeteries
Of birds, their throats drunk on leaf-light,
Has tuned the trumpeting sun’s great golden blasts
To the intimate peeping of the commonplace,
Where the dawn and our sense of ourselves collide in joy.

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