Sanguine Rendezvous

By Roy Doughty
Written: 9/18/06

One night, we will rise, possessed by a strange compulsion
To ride a public conveyance to the end of the line.
When we disembark, we will find ourselves breathlessly walking,
Down a long stretch of deserted, tropical beach.
The night will be moonless, and the faces of the stars,
Though enumerable and luminous,
Will be mistily hooded by delicious atmospheres,
So that only the faintest glory will guide our steps.
The sleek, sure palms of the hands of the shimmering waters
Will be blanching the shimmering beaches,
And the long, lanterns of the large, white rolling breakers,
Will collapse far out from shore.
The sounds we hear will intrigue us:
The nearby hiss and ripple of lathered surf,
Mixed with the distant breakers’ muffled roar.
Finally, we will stop,
Having out walked the limits of our courage,
Prepared at last to await our final instructions.
Here, we will learn that we have been under surveillance,
That an awesome, extraterrestrial benevolence
Has sagaciously arranged this assignation,
Here, we will touch the tenderest, inner lover,
And an ocean will surge majestically through our bodies,
Exactly as if it were the blood of God.

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