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The End of Loneliness, the Beginning of Solitude

Wednesday, November 28th, 2007

By Roy Doughty
Written November 27th, 2007

Inside the body, even as we are sleeping,
We feel an urge for a kinship, not solely of the body,
So that if we rise, alone, to look out
On the stillness of a night sky, suffused
With brightness, though neither stars nor moon
Appear there, it is easy to believe that a great
Phantom has come to supply us with a longed for
Intimacy. Everything has become not quite tangible,
As if the canopy of the night were a depth of waters,
A pool possessed by a mighty spirit, who, year after year,
Has been fed with costly silver. Were we to breathe
This spirit’s name, even in sleep, in dream,
The body would dissolve and we would pass
Through a translucent membrane, there to find
The shore of a lake below an exalted mountain.
We would walk along this shore, our feet struggling slightly
In the wet of small round pebbles, as the lake waters
Curl, fall, push and drag, creating a music, deeply
Imbued with somnolence Then we would see her,
The spirit of these waters and of this sky and night.
She will be dressed in gossamer white, gliding soundlessly,
Just inches above the strand, the epitome of love and of strangeness.
Now, if we are awake, we shall plunge into deep, round sleep,
And if we are sleeping, we shall awaken weeping,
Because we know that we’ve touched one we cannot touch again,
And that this being is to be found only in a place beyond the body,
As the body’s final, disembodied home.

Spiritual Power

Wednesday, November 21st, 2007

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Poem: Unexpected Banquet

Unexpected Banquet

Wednesday, November 21st, 2007

By Roy Doughty
Written November 19th, 2007

In winter, at the light-withered end
Of the year, two hours before sunrise,
When the stars are few and frozen in their places,
And the insect hum has ceased, the bird twitter
Hushed, we find a silence like this, a palpable
Enclosure, and we realize how the turbulence,
Which plagued us, was born from an inner process,
How the harvest of misery, which we fear must
Sustain us in the coming months, has been the bounty
Of a spring and summer of frenetic growth,
All tares, no grain, no fruit. We look at the stars
Once more. Perhaps they have moved a little,
Sliding their fractures stealthily under the sky’s black ice.
Perhaps the ultimate parent has planted
And harvested something different in us,
In this silence, something other than desolation and void.
Perhaps our noise has been perfecting itself
In the turbulence, gathering sugars against
The winter, so that now, in an hour, perhaps, at most,
We will see the arrival of an impossible harvest,
And the black ice, with its chips of sterile stars,
Will crash into the round roar of the sun.

Field of Gratitude

Wednesday, November 14th, 2007

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Poem: Bright Assignation

Bright Assignation

Wednesday, November 14th, 2007

By Roy Dean Doughty
Written 11/8/07

The fog has spread evenly across the night sky,
So that only the draperies of the nearby vegetation
Remain visible, the palest of ghostly yellows
Sketchily advancing from the palest
Of ghostly reds. In the center of this field,
A street lamp shines through the ephemera
Of a fan-shaped tree, the mists making
Perfect concentric circles around the bright
Pupil of a great, golden cycloptic
Eye, which watches on behalf of the calm,
And whose devoted vigilance calms as also.
Inside us, in the center of our being,
The heart also has an eye, twin to the night’s,
As if the two halves of a god’s face had
Come together in a perfect completeness,
Which now turns to us, full-faced, and smiling.
For a man, this face is a woman’s, for a woman,
A man’s. Now we know that the rendezvous,
Which empties the mind and fulfills the body,
Was waiting where we least expected it,
In yellow that is not quite yellow,
Red that is not quite red, in darkness
That betrays an exquisite clarity
Even in the mists of an all-enveloping fog.

Prosperity Power of Gratitude Class

Thursday, November 8th, 2007

Thursday, Nov. 15 and Friday, Nov. 16th
7:00 – 9:30 pm at Unity of Berkeley

Tsunamis, hurricanes, fires, earthquakes, economic distress — we know collectively that we are living through a time of great transformation, and great opportunity. Our individual vibrations, which science can now measure through telemetry as Extremely High Frequencies (EHFs) and the Extremely Low Frequencies (ELFs), sustain and vitalize the body and create our world. We have the grace and the transformational technologies available to us now to heal ourselves, to heal others, and to heal the earth.

This class will enable you to attract into your life those people, resources and events, which will bring the highest individual and collective good. Using the power of the Oneness Prayer (Deeksha) , meditation, Neurolingistic Programming and applied kinesiology, this class will empower you to:

  • Access the highest vibrational frequencies of divine gratitude
  • Test to verify that your whole body is vibrationally congruent with the results you are seeking.
  • Use the law of attraction to create for yourself and others
  • Work with group and individual energy to achieve results

The power expands exponentially as more of us intentionally work for the highest and best good. The house is on fire. The time is now.

Come, bring as many others as you can. Create miracles. Change your life. Change the world. Bless and be blessed.

Cost: $110.00 for both classes, $99.00 if prepaid on website or check sent by Nov. 14th to: Unity of Berkeley
2075 Eunice Street Berkeley, CA 94709
Dates: Thursday Nov. 15th and Fri. Nov. 16th
Time: 7-9:30 pm,
Place: Unity of Berkeley, 2075 Eunice Street, Berkeley, California

Rev. Dr. Patricia Keel is the Founding Minister of Unity of Berkeley. She has her Doctorate in Ministry from Mathew Fox’s Wisdom University, and is the creator of SpiritMatters, creative programs for spiritual growth.

Roy Doughty is a poet, artist and writer of quantum literature, as well as being a business consultant and Master ReScriptor, of NLP, neurolinguistic programming.

Join Patricia and Roy for this transformational and amazing journey.

Patricia and Roy are graduates of the Advanced 10 day course and the 21 day process at Oneness University in Golden City India.

ON THE AIR, they offer the Oneness Blessing of Deeksha every Wednesday morning 10 am on KEST 1450 AM radio from San Francisco. Listen to The Oneness Program and receive the Oneness Blessing on the web, anytime at Tell your friends.

First Hour Long Show 10 am

Wednesday, November 7th, 2007

Listen: [audio:01-Oct_31_07_10amFirstShow.mp3]

Poem: Pod


Wednesday, November 7th, 2007

By Roy Dean Doughty
Written 11/1/07

In these civilized inflations of the self,
We walk large among things that are small,
A whole mountain compact enough to fit
In a window frame. But there is a tree,
Near to us in the frame, insistent, with shining leaves,
With sprays of seed, purple filigree on orange stems,
And seeing these nurseries of the fantastic,
We suddenly shrink down into the abdomen’s chamber
Where a gold figure, strangely familiar,
Awaits us. The figure is not framed,
Can never be framed, and when she or he touches us,
Our inflation ceases and true growth begins.
How small the body and how short even the span
Of a single life becomes, here in the fathomless seed,
Where the mountain has risen to spin with the spinning stars!