Bright Assignation

By Roy Dean Doughty
Written 11/8/07

The fog has spread evenly across the night sky,
So that only the draperies of the nearby vegetation
Remain visible, the palest of ghostly yellows
Sketchily advancing from the palest
Of ghostly reds. In the center of this field,
A street lamp shines through the ephemera
Of a fan-shaped tree, the mists making
Perfect concentric circles around the bright
Pupil of a great, golden cycloptic
Eye, which watches on behalf of the calm,
And whose devoted vigilance calms as also.
Inside us, in the center of our being,
The heart also has an eye, twin to the night’s,
As if the two halves of a god’s face had
Come together in a perfect completeness,
Which now turns to us, full-faced, and smiling.
For a man, this face is a woman’s, for a woman,
A man’s. Now we know that the rendezvous,
Which empties the mind and fulfills the body,
Was waiting where we least expected it,
In yellow that is not quite yellow,
Red that is not quite red, in darkness
That betrays an exquisite clarity
Even in the mists of an all-enveloping fog.

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