Matin Water Flames

By Roy Dean Doughty
Written February 26th, 2008

The birds get very excited about this weather,
Infusive splendors of sunlight pricking
The intelligence of the water spirits, which
Dominate this planet as oceans and rivers
And streams and sap and blood. The way
The leaves crowd harmoniously from the
Mind as well as from the shrubbery, the squabble
Of avian exuberance in the first flush
Of spring, voices of the biomass coursing
Through our being, making motions
Familiar and unfamiliar, the mesmerous
Mellifluence of metaphorical bee swarms,
Alerting us to the presence of the electric forest,
Right here in the skin creases and nerve dendrites
On and in our hands. For a moment, the vital beauty’s
Busy-ness awakens us, and we perceive that the floes
Of water are also the floes of light, and that this physical
Sun, however achingly bright, is but a dimmer
Outward manifestation of something inside us
That sets the heart on fire.

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  1. Jill Horne Says:

    Listening…..wednesdays..and now Fridays …Monument is Our Coming Out Party …Thank You from Infinite Levels of Art and Consciousness.
    Trying to find the website for A.M.O.W. OR T.M.O.W. but not found.
    I have Infinite Dimensional Artwork , and will find its FIELD.

    I do look forward to our histories meeting.
    Passionate about the Christ Inside and Outside
    Jill D. Horne-Oakland California

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