Robust Proclamation

By Roy Dean Doughty
Written 3/18/08

In no more time than it takes an awakening robin
To twirl from his night perch the few whistling,
Warbling notes of his matin song,
The whole immensity of the sky has made
Passage from a soft blue, still humid
With the densities of night, to this deepened,
Colossal cerulean, in which the white clouds
Have suddenly alchemized from citadels
Of smoky alabaster to citadels of cotton swans.
The sun is up now, and the darkness is destroyed
In a showering of precious gems and metals.
As the many exquisitries of this living world
Are made apparent, we say, happy in these
First few moments of brightness, “What was
Is gone. What is is day, and mine.” This is
The time when love leaps brilliantly from every
Leaf, as inside of us, we are slowly, but certainly
Uncoiling beyond the boundaries of the skin,
And beyond even the most distant limits of perception,
To find we are one with the sun, imagination
Taking us breathlessly, yet full of breath, into that
Golden palace where the health of the universe resides,
Here, the gentle and omnipotent Lazarus
Has risen from night’s musty tomb,
To tell us we whole and full of light.

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