Lunch Under an Awning in the Garden

By Roy Dean Doughty
Written 7/18/08

The sun is arrogantly enthroned at the zenith
Of summer and the zenith of day, his red rays
Stimulating testis activity in the cock finches
Frenzying at the thistle-feeder, the big bull
God wielding his 9 magic lingams to smite
Into 9 X 9 bits the serpent-spirit
Of the garden. Lazy wench that she is, she yawns
And sighs, and lets her Greens do all her work
For her. 9 shades of it — ivy, olive, sap,
Viridian, cricket-spit, lime, tortoise-shell,
Patina, gopher-gut — each whacking out
9 X 9 herbs for the curbing
Of 9 X 9 kinds of illness,
And 9 X 9 spectra-spells
For the 9 X 9 winged onsets.
What need has she for oaths, when not by
Mary’s milk nor Christ’s blood, she can,
In the most casual and languid of whispers,
Banish 9 X 9 elemental evils.
Excitation and inhibition — noon and shade —
And at the far, pinched end of the funnel,
Past the antechamber of deceived lovers,
Past the goblin and grail of religious psychotics,
Past the buffoons of science with their
Debilitating Opponent-Process Theories,
Past even the dispensations of the incredible
Imagination machine, lies the seed of a single
Photon, the single remnant perhaps of a dream
Almost completely obliterated by that big
Red rascal. Here it is, here she is, green’s
Green potency, almost imperceptibly tiny,
But still stimulus enough to recode the entire
Magnum Opus of our subjective experience.
Perhaps it is a tabernacle of some strange,
Translucent material, aglow again from within,
Even in this densest bunching of leaf shade.
Perhaps inside is the woman or the man
Whom we once loved, until resentment
And bitterness snapped that honeyed curse.
And perhaps, just perhaps, in the moment
Of our compassion, the curtain will part,
And the loved one will appear. Perhaps
We will feel the embodying animal
Igniting once more that blob of our inert
Heart. Maybe, just maybe the lover will
Smile, the goddess awaken, and the tussle
In the larder will be quelled,
As at last we succumb to utter satiation.

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