Sri Bhagavan – The Awakened One….

A webcast teaching for week of May 8st – May 14th with Sri Bhagavan:
“The Awakened One allows things to happen their own way.
The unawakened one tries to make things happen one’s own way.”
“The Awakened One is constantly unlearning and therefore continuously unburdened, lives in freedom.
The unawakened one is constantly learning and therefore continuously burdened and does not know what freedom is and hence what living is.”

“The Awakened One does not know or understand, but sees.
The unawakened one knows and understands, but does not see.”

“The Awakened One has nothing to defend and therefore does nothing to feel secure.
The unawakened one has a lot to defend and therefore must do things to feel secure.”

“The Awakened One sees the imperfect as perfect in itself; and hence rejoices in the way things are.
The un-awakened one sees imperfection everywhere; and hence he is unhappy and dissatisfied with the way things are.
The un-awakened one must therefore work to change things. This too is perfect for the Awakened One. ”

“The Awakened One has no sense of being and doing. The Awakened One has no vision or goal in mind. There is just doing. The Awakened One is humble, and does not practice humility.
The unawakened has a sense of being and doing, and therefore must have a vision or goal in mind. The unawakened must practice humility.

“When One is not Awakened One must not behave like one.
When One is Awakened One practices nothing. One is just Awake.
To be Awake is not a means to an end.
To be Awake is an end in itself.
When One is not Awake One must practice goodness.
Where there is no goodness One must practice virtue.
Where there is no virtue One must practice ritual conditioning. “

“Thoughts are subtle, divisive and elusive; and an expression of the self. They wander as they like. They create judgment and a troubled and disturbed mind. They prevent Awareness from happening. The unawakened must learn to direct, to control and to quiet thoughts by ruling over them. The Awakened One has moved beyond judgment, for he has gone beyond thought; as he is always ‘Aware’. “

“The Awakened One does nothing; but leaves nothing undone; for all things are happening all the time around and through the Awakened One. “

“The Awakened One neither suppresses nor ignores, neither resists nor justifies what is there, inside or outside; but merely is aware of the what is.

“The Awakened One does not perceive anything as good or bad; or as right or wrong; and hence has no preferences; and therefore does not try to change the way things are.”
“The Awakened One achieves nothing; for there is nothing to be achieved.
The Awakened One understands nothing; for there is nothing to be understood.
The Awakened One knows nothing; for there is nothing to be known.”

” The Awakened One knows that there is nothing to learn; what is needed is only to unlearn. “
“The Awakened One has no fixed plans and no destination.
The Awakened One accepts oneself; and the world accepts the Awakened One.
The Awakened One knows oneself; and hence has wisdom.
The Awakened One has no conflict with oneself; and hence has true power.
The Awakened One embraces death; for there is no death for the Awakened One.”
” The Awakened One sees things as they are, and doesn’t try to control or shape them.
The Awakened One doesn’t try to convince others.
The Awakened One knows that what is to happen will happen; and what is not to happen will not happen; and that the universe is forever out of control.”
” The Awakened One does not try to change the world. It is perfect and sacred to the Awakened One. “
“The Awakened One has no will and no illusions. The Awakened One merely dwells in reality.”

“The Awakened One sees the world emerging from the void; therefore accept the world as it is. As the Awakened One accepts the world as it is, the Awakened One is established in the primal Self.”
“The Awakened One is open to all people and all situations and flows with them.”
“The Awakened One journeys without journeying.”

“The Awakened One remains unmoving till perfect action arises by itself. The Awakened One is free of all views and concepts; is One with the what is”

“The Awakened One is one with that which was there before the universe was born. It is the one which is eternally present, the unborn and the undying, one without a beginning and an end, ever unchanging, solitary, empty, infinite, blissful, the eternal ‘I’.”

“The Awakened One is open to everything and everything falls into place.”

“The Awakened One remains unmoving, and action arises by its self. The Awakened One allows things to come and go like clouds in the sky. The Awakened Ones sustains all beings without trying to.”

“The Awakened One sees the world as himself or herself. Loves and cares for the world as one’s self. To the Awakened One all things are perfect as they are.”

“The Awakened One is detached from all things, and hence, is one with everything. Detachment when practiced leads to indifference which is not detachment.”

“The Awakened One is empty and therefor capable. One should not try to empty one’s self.”

“The Awakened One, acts without doing anything, this cannot be practiced”

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