Relationships – 14 Errors in LIFE Early teachings of Bhagavan

Relationships – 14 Errors in LIFE Early teachings of Bhagavan

Just to see, this is what I am, not to judge, condemn.
To see is to be free.

1. To attempt to set up our own standard of right and wrong and expect everyone to conform it to
That which gives greater happiness to maximum # of people is right. This is AB standard of what is right.
Varies situation to situation, person to person Is it a truth for me? Even if it is a truth to you, you can’t force it on others.
When people don’t fall into our expectation we suffer.

2.To try and measure the enjoyment of others by our own

3. To expect uniformity of opinion in the world
We suffer and so do others.

4.To worry others and ourselves about what cannot be remedied

Trying to change that which can’t be changed
The Serenity Prayer
God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; ?
courage to change the things I can;?and wisdom to know the difference.
5. To look for judgment and experience in children
treating kids like that are big people, dignified at events, etc.
6. To endeavor to mold all dispositions alike
Why can’t they think like me! Why can’t they understand???
7. Not to fight for small things.
It affects our relationships when we fight for trivial things. So What??
8. To look for perfection in our own actions.
Only an awakened person can be perfect, we (the MIND) justify our actions to make it look perfect!
9. To to alleviate, if we can, all that needs alleviation.
Get help from the divine. When we help people, help will come to us.
AmmaBhagavan do this for all of us all the time.
10.Not to allow for the weakness of others.
Everyone has some weakness and some strength. We can’ t say to them “You can’t have this weakness.” It is how we are created as a package. We must know our own weakness then we can accept anybody’s weakness.

11. To consider anything impossible what we ourselves can’t perform.
I am the center of the universe. If I can’t do it no one can….
12. To live as if the day, the time, the moment, were so important it would live forever

This too shall pass; nothing is permanent, when we think it is, we suffer.
13. To believe only what our finite minds can grasp.
How can the part (the MIND) understand the whole? Experience is everything

14. To estimate people by some outside quality when it is what’s inside that matters.

When we suffer we ask ourselves what error am I doing.
Be more truthful about ourselves. We lie. Inner Integrity.

Heart Chakra gives the answer when you listen.
Feeling inside tells you the truth
When the truth is bitter you want to follow the mind because the mind creates a story that give you a cushion.

When your heart chakra is activated you’ll not be afraid to see your truth
You fight inside, in the process you are afraid. There is resistance to the see the truth, lack of inner integrity.

Fear of losing image you have about yourself. There is rejection inside and you are not ready to see it.

You get in touch with the feeling so you see it accept it, then no struggle
You escape saying. “It’s my family pattern, it’s karma, etc.”


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