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Sri Bhagavan webcast June 28 with Russians

Saturday, June 30th, 2012

June 28 Interview with Sri Bhagavan and Russians
Namaste Bhagavan!
Sri Bhagavan: Namaste!
Question 1:
Namaste dear Bhagavan! It is difficult for me to define my question. I am in some kind of a strange state. I don’t want anything. I don’t need anything. I feel bad, but I don’t want to do anything about it. I don’t know whether it is an apathy or acceptance. I don’t want to work nor do I want to loaf around. I want to open up myself and realize where I want to occupy myself, to discover what I would like to do in life, what would bring me pleasure. I can’t find answers to these questions. I am lost. Please help me with this, dear Bhagavan.

Sri Bhagavan: Actually you are in a very good state, but if you try to change it you will go into a terrible state. Oneness is not about becoming this or becoming that. Oneness is all about staying with the “what is.” The truth is this is your condition. You’ve got to stay there, accept it, embrace it. Staying with it, accepting it, embracing it is the process. Once that happens the Presence enters you and takes over. Thereafter it is all automatic. I will help you.

Question 2:
Dear Bhagavan! You have always said that 2012 is a very special year for awakening. Please tell us, when this year ends, will that signify that our chances for awakening are diminished? And you also say that in Oneness awakening is a benediction and our role is just make no resistance to the Divine. Dear Bhagavan, please help us see how the inner resistance happens so that this hindrance gets resolved and our awakening happens this year. Thank You so much.

Sri Bhagavan: 1989 was the year when the Golden Age got conceived. 2012 is the birth of the Golden Age, like a child. By [the end of] 2012, 70,000 people will be awakened. Thereafter awakening becomes faster and faster. By 2035, so many people will be awakened that we could very will say all are awakened. When we say all are awakened, it does not mean actually everybody will be awakened. What it means is the vast majority of people will be awakened. In 2035, the Golden age becomes a young lad. Thereafter it keeps growing for another thousand years; thereafter we may become another species. So awakening is going to become easier after 2012. 2012 is the delivery of the child called Golden Age.

Question 3:
Namaste dear Bhagavan! You teach us that “this body is not mine,” but then who is suffering and experiencing the pain in the body. This physical pain doesn’t let one concentrate on the prayer or meditation. The pain wears me out, it limits my abilities, obscures my consciousness and impedes the awakening; that is that’s me who is suffering, isn’t it. If I am not this body, if this body is not mine, then why do I suffer from this physical pain in the body? Please dear Bhagavan, could you tell me what I am doing wrong and what is the right way? And if it is possible, please bless me to be healed. I am grateful to You for everything, my beloved Bhagavan.

Sri Bhagavan: If you clearly realize your body is not your body, then there is no physical suffering for you. But for you that is not the truth. For you the truth is your body is your body. That being the case, when the body suffers you suffer because you identified yourself with the body. But when you realize your body is not your body, your mind is not your mind, your thoughts are not your thoughts then there is no suffering. You cannot get there through any effort. It has to happen to you. When it happens to you, you discover who you are. You will discover that you are the Universe itself; that you are everything that you call yourself; that is the Oneness we are talking about.

Question 4:
Dear Bhagavan! I am not able to talk to my Divine. I am talking, but Divine is not answering neither directly nor through signs. The Divine seems to be busy, and He isn’t answering as to why there is no answer. I started feeling lonely because of that. I also don’t know what is the right way to pray because no one taught me. Also, I don’t understand whether it is correct to ask the Divine for something material. Doesn’t the Divine know better what I really want and need? Thank You!

Sri Bhagavan: You have got to interact with the Divine. You must learn to talk to the Divine like you talk to a person. Please try it during a Oneness Meditation. Once the Presence comes in, it will automatically start. You cannot hand over everything to the Divine and say “the Divine will take care of” – No. You and the Divine have got to interact together to create whatever you want. Of course, the Divine knows better, but you must interact. You get what you want. If you are indifferent, the Divine also will be indifferent. You and the Divine are two ends of the same reality. Interaction is a must. So please maintain a notebook where you record all your interactions and keep attending Oneness Meditations.

Question 5:
Namaste Dear Bhagavan! Thousands of people are taking part in Oneness Meditations across the whole ex-Soviet countries. People are reporting about their awakened states. Some have just started noticing their new ways of perceiving life, their inner harmony. Some have been experiencing different awakened states so regularly that they are no longer afraid of losing them. For me, this whole process is nothing else but a great miracle unfolding. But I have a question. We have been so enthusiastic in participating in Oneness Meditations that we have almost forgotten about other courses Oneness University offers. Could you please throw some light on how, for instance, the Deepening Process and the Trainers Course can help us on our way towards awakening; what is their relevance at this stage? With love and gratitude.

Sri Bhagavan: In India, there is a tradition where even if you are awakened you are sent to teachers to acquire knowledge. Even if you become awakened, you must go to a Oneness Trainer and attend a course on awakening. Without that knowledge you’d be highly incomplete. Similarly Oneness Meditation is a part of Oneness Deepening. Oneness Deepening, especially the new Oneness Deepening, is a vastly great course. It transforms you into lighthouses who will ascend (sound not clear? Perhaps he said be sentinels) to awakening. So Oneness Meditation does not mean you do not attend other programs. It’s a powerful program it should help you to attend other programs.

Question 6:
Beloved Bhagavan! We are expressing our gratitude to You for this wonderful process of Oneness Meditation. It has been giving apparent results – real experiences of awakening. In every OM more and more people are sharing such experiences. It’s unbelievable! It’s incredible! But there are others who are struggling to notice their experiences so far, to acknowledge them, though they also report that they happen to have some glimpses of awakened states. Could you please tell us how trainers can efficiently help and guide people in that respect? And how should we, ourselves, move forward in this process so that it is easier for us to identify and acknowledge the awakened states without getting frightened of the unusual experiences happening? Thank you so much.

Sri Bhagavan: The Oneness Meditation is the result of an increase in Grace. The power of the Grace will be growing much, much more in the coming weeks and months. The Oneness Meditation will become extremely powerful in the coming months. The trainers will be in a position to polish off these people.

[Could you please repeat we lost you for a while?]

Sri Bhagavan: Yes. If someone attends a Oneness Meditation and then comes to a Oneness Awakening Course, you will be able to nicely polish them. If they are merely satisfied with their state then it’s okay. But if they want to have understanding and further growth, they must attend an Awakening Course. That is why you have been trained to be trainers. We will be training you more.

Question 7:
Namaste Dear Bhagavan! We have heard recently about the transfer of the Presence. Could You please tell us more about it. How can Deeksha givers and non-Deeksha givers take part in it? How does the process of transferring of the Presence happen? Is there any difference in giving an intent Deeksha and transferring the Presence? Thank You!

Sri Bhagavan: Many people are confusing the Oneness Meditation with eye Deeksha. Oneness Meditation is not eye Deeksha. Oneness Meditation is being given by people chosen by the Divine. Oneness Meditation could be given also by touch. It could be given through the eyes. It could be given through intent. The three modes through which the Grace is transferred is: touch, sight, and intent. Oneness Meditation is using sight and intent. But it should not be confused with eye Deeksha.

Complete the question I lost the question.

Question 7 Repeated: How can Deeksha givers and non-Deeksha givers take part in transferring the Presence? How does the process of transferring of the Presence happen? Is there any difference in giving an intent Deeksha and transferring the Presence?

Sri Bhagavan: Oneness Meditation can be given only by those chosen by the Divine. What they give is something very, very special. But giving the Presence anybody could do. Anybody who is having the Presence could transfer the Presence to another either through touch, sight or intent. If you go to a Oneness Meditation, you are most likely to get the Presence. But let us say you come to some Deeksha from somebody, you got the Presence, and then go to a Oneness Meditation, it will be extremely powerful. The mere transferring of the Presence anybody could do. If A has got the Presence, he could transfer it to B through touch, sight or intent. B could transfer it to C. C could transfer it to D, and it could go to the last man on the planet. That is how the planet is going to be covered.

Question 8:
Dear Beloved Bhagavan! Since I came to know You and the Oneness University my life has become a sheer miracle, and there are no words, dear Father, to express my gratitude for all You’ve been doing! During the OMs it happens so as if I am becoming a different being, whose ability to feel and perceive this world is completely different. It is hard to find words which can depict these experiences. They are like very subtle tinges of love, tenderness, compassion, awe and wonder. Dear Bhagavan, could You please tell us what is it that is happening to us? How can we hold onto these states and reproduce them any moment we want to? Thank You so much!

Sri Bhagavan: What is happening to you in the Oneness Meditation is you actually receive the Presence. Acceptance, the absence of conflict, love, joy, compassion – all these are qualities of the Presence. When you get the Presence, you also get these qualities. They are not your qualities. They are qualities of the Presence. But what you must do is you must anchor the Presence. You could use sight, sound, smell or touch to anchor the Presence. By frequently using the anchor, you could frequently move into the Presence.

Once the Presence has become quite strong then you must ask the Presence “please stop my mind.” As you keep doing it your mind will stop. The mind will stop very frequently thereafter. And finally it will stop for long durations of time. After that it’s all over. You become awakened. Thereafter you become one with the Presence. That is God Realization. But all that happens automatically. All that you must get is the Presence. Once you get it, you will know how to get it more frequently. You’ve done all that you could possibly do.

The teachings we’ve already given you. These teachings will be made a reality by the Presence. These teachings are not to be practiced. They cannot be practiced. When we say “accept your Father,” it does mean you pray and accept your father. All that it means is acceptance of your father must happen. And only the Presence could make it happen. Your accepting your father is quite artificial . That won’t carry you far. The maximum you could do is you could stay with the “what is.” That is the process. The Presence has to come in. When the Presence comes in the teaching becomes reality. That is why it is important you either go to a Oneness Awakening course before you go to a Oneness Meditation, or you go to a Oneness Awakening Course after you’ve gone to a Oneness Meditation.

The Presence will bring a teaching to a reality. For example, the teaching is: your thoughts are not your thoughts, your body is not your body, your mind is not your mind. Are these a reality to you? Can you make it happen? No, not at all. Once the Presence comes in strongly, it happens. The key is getting the Presence, and Oneness Meditation is very powerful in giving you the Presence. Soon our Oneness Meditators could start giving lectures. That will make things very, very clear. Things are going to move very, very fast, very, very soon.

Question 9:
Dear Bhagavan! Please tell us, if the person who is attending the Oneness Meditations is not familiar with such notions as connection with the Divine, passion for Awakening, inner integrity, and good relationships but the person is intuitively searching for the inner freedom, can he become awakened? Thank You.

Sri Bhagavan: Yes, anything is possible.

Question 10:
Dear Bhagavan, is it relevant nowadays to stay in the dark room, the sacred space, after a webcast with you? What is the best way to meet the Presence and during what time? What are the possible ways for Presence to reveal itself? Thank You very much!

Sri Bhagavan: Being in a dark room would definitely help in acquiring the Presence. The best time to acquire Presence would be Indian Standard Time, Sundays, 12:00 to 1:30.

Question 11:
Dear Bhagavan! I have regrets that I missed so many things in my life. Are these desires hindering my enlightenment? Thank You!

Sri Bhagavan: Please repeat the question.

Question 11 Repeated: Dear Bhagavan! I have regrets that there are many things in my life which I missed. That many desires did not get fulfilled. Are these desires hindering my awakening and enlightenment? (not fulfilled desires.)

Sri Bhagavan: What you’ve got to do is you’ve got to stay with your frustration and discontent. You should not try to move away from it. You’re unfulfilled and there’s great pain in you. Stay with the pain, experience the pain, and go to a Oneness Meditation. The Presence will do the rest.

Question 12:
Dear Bhagavan, I can see that I’m having very strong attachments/affections in life, which are making me suffer a lot. How does attachment differ from love? Thank You!

Sri Bhagavan: Attachment and love are very different. When you are there, there is attachment. When you are gone, there is love. You cannot try to get that love. That happens when the mind stops, and the mind stops when the Presence comes in.

Question 13:
Dear Bhagavan! If children are born awakened, how does the mind start controlling them after? Does it happen naturally on its own or is it influenced by the way they are brought up by their parents when different concepts are imposed? Since the whole upbringing in the society is based on comparisons like: big and small, good and bad, etc., and how will children become awakened? Will they have to grow up first so that their consciousness can expand or will they be able to get awakened through their parents, or in any other way? Thank You!

Sri Bhagavan: Children are born awakened. Then around the age 4 or 5 or 6 they lose their awakening. Their being born awakened then losing it is because of genetic programming. And matters are made worse by social conditioning. However, as more and more people become awakened, it will be very easy for children to be awakened. Already we have met some children who are awakened. It will happen very fast among children.

Thank You Bhagavan! Thank You so much! That was the last question.

Sri Bhagavan: Thank you all so much. Shall we meditate for a few minutes?

Yes, Yes, Bhagavan!

The Awakened One is free. The unawakened one tries to be free.

Friday, June 22nd, 2012

See Bhagavan’s 1 minute video about how to participate in his weekly webcasts:

Summary notes – Guide of Oneness India explanation for this week’s webcast:received Friday, June 22, 2012

The Awakened One is free. The unawakened one tries to be free.

The Awakened One is already free and there is no struggle. There is no becoming. Basically, he is not trying to be somebody else or he is not trying to change. He is not unhappy about what is there or what he is. Instead, he is completely at ease with himself in every way. There is no struggle to change and he is basically a free person.

When a person becomes Awakened we say that he has seen. We say he is the seer. What has he seen? He has seen the views and how the mind forms views. He has seen how the mind is forming perceptions. Then it is not there. Nothing is there. It is just experiencing.

For example, when you see a person, you immediately say, “this is Ramesha, this is Suresha, this is Shanti or this is Rena,” or whatever. So the mind relates to the picture it has formed earlier about a person. When it forms the picture, it then processes the data. Then it judges, describes and narrates. The mind is forming those pictures.

When a person becomes Awakened he can still recognize people: who they are, their names, their relations, etc. It doesn’t stay, but instead comes and goes. Since “he” is not there, the views are not there. He is free of the views.

Like the Buddha said, “In the seeing there is just the seeing. In the hearing there is just the hearing, and in the thinking just the thought.”

He is basically seeing reality as it is. He is experiencing reality as it is. He is always in the witnessing state and is only witnessing. Judgments are not forming nor are thoughts. He is free from that. This is how an Awakened being experiences freedom.

The unawakened one is continuously trying to change. He is continuously struggling. He doesn’t accept himself as he is. He feels inferior about himself or he feels superior about himself. He feels a struggle always going on.

There is a placard that says, “Angry people hurt others and hurt themselves. So don’t be angry. Be cool.” The statement, “Angry people hurt themselves and hurt others,” is important and fine.

However, when you say, “be cool” or “don’t hurt others,” then effort is required not to hurt others and maintain coolness. It means you are not really cool (calm).

Many disturbances are going on inside: anger, frustration, irritation, jealousy, insecurity and fear. They are all there and you constantly want to avoid them. You want to experience the state of no jealously, no insecurity, no anger, no frustration and no irritation instead.

You are continuously trying to get there because you are not there. That very trying to get there is the struggle. You are wanting to be free from this struggle.

The moment you realize and see, you become free of it. The moment you become aware, then the suffering and frustration you are experiencing go away automatically. This is how you have to see the mind. This is how you have to see how you are struggling.

When you feel inferiority you may say, “I am useless and good for nothing.” You cry and get depressed. But what you must do is become aware that there is a struggle to end the struggle.

When you feel jealousy, you don’t want to be jealous. Somebody said you should not be jealous. So when you are feeling jealousy you struggle.

The Awakened being is free from that struggle. When you are awakened you will be free from that suffering and in a very beautiful and wonderful state.

The unawakened one is always trying to be free from his suffering, free from his whatever.

You should contemplate this teaching and receive your own answers. Since you are unawakened you must contemplate on the second part of the teaching and how you are not free.

You can close your eyes and contemplate on what has been said here. Contemplate on how you are not seeing. When someone hurts you, you don’t see that you got hurt but instead you react. (See last week’s notes and teaching.)

To give you an example, you must see what is happening to you in your mind when somebody hurts you. There are so many fears and so many traumas possibly going on. If you close your eyes for some time and then you can just watch how many things come. Bhagavan will be clearing those things.

You can close your eyes and contemplate what is going on right now. This is a sadhana (spiritual practice) you can continue doing anytime.

If you have then seen so much about yourself in this manner, then during the webcast, it becomes very easy for Bhagavan to lift your Kundalini and push you to the Sahasrara (crown chakra). It can then become a permanent state.

For this reason it is so important that you do your sadhanas. So hopefully you are doing this sadhana and have contemplated on the teaching of the week, and have had your own breakthroughs.

Important from previous notes


When you are receiving the Mukthi Deeksha weekly on the webcast, you have to just watch Bhagavan and keep receiving the Deeksha for 15 minutes by continuously watching.

Please do not close your eyes during the webcast.

After the webcast you can switch off all the lights, make the room dark and you can lie down or you can sit up, keep your lips slightly open and experience whatever happens.

You can’t “get” the experience of how the Awakened one experiences. It has to be given to you.

If you want a prayer answered, contemplate about the prayer BEFORE receiving the deeksha (during the webcast).

Imagine in 3D with all senses that your prayer request has been fulfilled. You might repeat AmmaBhagavan inwardly while praying.

Do not pray during the Mukthi Deeksha broadcast, just receive.