The 3 Keys to Wealth Consciousness Online and Live

The 3 Keys to Wealth Consciousness – This is offered online as well as a live event

You will receive the link for the replay if you are not able to attend at the times below
Two Wednesdays: Wed. May 6th and 13th – plus a follow up Teleseminar call.
7:00-9:00 San Rafael, CA at 734 A Street location – or in special Livestream channel

Many of us seek greater financial abundance in our lives and yet even with all of our prayers and affirmations, meditations and awakening, we still seem to struggle around making money. The problem is often a disconnection in the field. We say we want prosperity, yet our internal programs continue to keep us in a vibration that screams, “I am in lack. I don’t have enough. Being wealthy isn’t spiritual.”

This class is focused on three key teachings from Oneness University that will help you build wealth consciousness. Building Wealth Consciousness is the foundation to having wealth, money, and the resources we all need and desire to show up fully alive and to fulfill our divine destiny on planet earth at this time.

Join Advanced Trainers, Patricia Keel and Elizabeth Scherwenka for this interactive adventure into higher consciousness.
Discover the 3 Keys to your Wealth Consciousness.
Course Fee $64 if pre-registered. We can only take online registration up to noon on May 6th.

we will send out the lifestream links 24 hours be for the events.