60 day Mentoring Program –

Look at your life
Do you have issues with challenging relationships?
Stress that is causing you emotional or physical problems?
Undefined anxiety and floating discontent?
Do you get stuck in you head – recycling blame, shame, regret and resentment?
Are you exhausted before the end of the day, just trying to change yourself and others?

Perhaps over the years you’d tried to get help….
You’ve read the latest books on personal growth
You’ve gone to yoga, considered a cleanse, tried a gluten free, dairy free, meat free diet
You’ve tried to adopt a spiritual practice, tried to meditate and yet felt no relief.
And maybe you have spent thousands of dollars on therapy or coaching.

But still you are not experiencing the happiness and fulfillment that you desire and that you deserve.

The truth is that many of our core issues stem from childhood traumas, or unresolved problems that belonged to our parents or grandparents, issues of family dynamics: what is know as family karma in the eastern wisdom traditions.

These unresolved and often hidden patterns can be difficult for us to see. They are like our blind spots when moving forward in a car. They threaten our sense of security, our safety, our sense of happiness, how we feel about ourselves, our self love and self esteem. They can hold us back from fully engaging in life and living from our highest and most authentic selves.

And because they are BLIND SPOTS, we keep looking in the rear view mirror and trying to manage our lives like we drive our cars….continually checking into the past, repeating the same mistakes, yet missing those BLIND SPOTS.

Now is the time to really go deeply inside. to dive into the issues and unresolved charges that continually come up in our lives that stop us from freely moving forward and claiming our power, living our dreams, enjoying our family, friends and our work. Now is the time to awaken to our most authentic and unique selves and to live, fully engaged in the life that we came here to live.

This 60 day Mentoring Program is a commitment to deepening self awareness.
The program is designed to help you connect with you Higher Self, that part of you that sees 360 degrees and experiences the fullness of who you are and why you came here.
Weekly calls with Patricia will anchor your positive states while we explore the roots of discontent, anxiety, stress and the unresolved issues that keep you stuck in unwanted and often immobilizing patterns of blame, shame, retreat, resentment and powerlessness.

Work with Patricia for 60 days and experience a shift in your energy, feel a new freedom as anxiety lifts and you begin not only to see the patterns that have kept you stuck, but those patterns disappear and you move into a new sense of joy. Feel your body energized as you engage more fully with your relationships and with your life.

The 60 Day Mentoring Program is a time commitment from you of 60 days to Transformation and the cost is only $900.
That’s only $15 a day
This is a savings of $300 off Patricia’s hourly rates.

In addition to the weekly session, every two weeks you will receive a very special Oneness Meditation from Patricia, who has been initiated to share this powerful energy transmission. We will use SKYPE for these social calls.