About Oneness Blessing

An Introduction to Oneness Blessing, also known as Oneness Deeksha (Sanskrit for Benediction)

What is the Oneness Blessing?

The Oneness Blessing is the transmission of divine energy through intention, words, presence and, most commonly, through a laying on of hands.

The Oneness Blessing is not a concept, nor a religion, nor does it promulgate any required beliefs. Each recipient of the energy brings to the experience their own concepts of the Ultimate, be they religious, scientific, profane or divine.

What are the effects of the Oneness Blessing?

The energy is intelligent and it interacts and transforms each person in a manner that is particular to that person’s needs.

Some experience strong physical sensations, some laugh, some weep, some see internal or even external lights, some have bodily healings, some have insights for healing relationships or solving other persistent life problems. Some experience no tangible manifestation of the energy whatsoever, but all generally begin to experience positive changes in their lives as a result of receiving the energy.

The Oneness Blessing manifests differently for each person and each time a person receives The Oneness Blessing it may manifest differently.

As more people experience Oneness Blessings, the energy becomes more powerful.

Ultimately the Oneness Blessing leads to a flowering of the heart, a sense of unconditional peace and the realization of oneness with all that is.

Who are the Oneness Blessing givers?

The Oneness Blessing givers are only channels for the energy, not the source of it. They are ordinary people and have no special status or insight. They are not gurus or even teachers in the ordinary sense of “knowing” something that they can then impart to others.

However, each Oneness Blessing giver has undergone a process at the Golden City, near Chennai, India, or in Fiji at the Oneness University campus, or most recently in many other countries as the initiation of the Oneness Blessing is spreading. Through teachings, silence, ritual, and the repeated gift of the Oneness Blessing, they have become conduits for this divine Grace.