About Roy Doughty and AMOW A Monument of Wonders

In a private darshan in 2006, Sri Bhagavan told Roy that his writing would be a Deeksha to all who would read or listen to the words. Six years and many chapters later, the work is now ready for publication. You can read the first 200 pages on this website. http://www.amonumentofwonders.com/

You can make a contribution of any size to support the artist and the work here.http://www.gofundme.com/1d7ggk

Roy Doughty

About Roy Dean Doughty

For the past 12 years, Roy has been writing an epic work of fiction and poetry, created as a pioneering work of “quantum fiction”. This work aspires to create a multi-media internet model, which illustrates the generative nexus of Consciousness, Language and Time in the shaping of our individual and collective realities. Portions of this work, entitled “A Monument of Wonders,” were featured on VoiceAmerica radio network with 43 one-hour programs bearing the same title. He currently maintains three blogs, www.doughtyspoetry, www.doughtysjamesjoyce, and www.doughtysbrainfood. In addition to his literary work, he has written successful business plans to raise capital for for-profit companies, and grants to fund non-profit organizations.

A lifelong poet, for almost two decades, Roy has written a poem a day as part of his spiritual practice. His poems have been featured readings on the KEST AM San Francisco radio show, “The Oneness Program,” which Roy co-hosted with Rev. Dr. Patricia Keel. His poems, as a consequence of Sri Bhagavan’s dispensation granted in a private audience at Oneness University in 2006, have been pronounced “deekshas,” or the transmitters of the divine energy also called the “oneness blessing.” In 2001, he published an e-book, “Clear Mo(u)rning,” memorializing the death of his mother, which is available in a variety of formats through Smashwords and other major outlets. Another volume of selected poems “Spirit Chronologies,” is also available through Smashwords. Copies from small editions of his works are still available through Amazon, and often command premium prices.

Core Beliefs, Practices, Selected Publications
Poet, novelist, spiritual seeker, personal transformation consultant, business executive and business consultant, Roy Dean Doughty has had close to 35 years of experience in helping create the shift from fragmentation to wholeness. He has been a daily practitioner of Kriya yoga for more than 25 years, and in 2006, and again in 2007, he completed courses at Ananda Loka 3 and Golden City, India, authorizing him to give the divine transfer of energy variously known as Oneness Prayer, Oneness Blessing, or Deeksha.

Most recently he has focused upon creating and delivering a methodology known as ReScripting. ReScripting works with the brain’s representation patterns and physiology to rapidly transform groups and/or individuals, empowering them to reprogram embedded dysfunctions and to more consistently live at their creative peak.