Sri Bhagavan – on Kundalini, wealth, the ancient mind, compassion,+++more

Transcript of Darshan with Sweden: Bhagavan’s Skype Darshan with Sweden, December 6th, 2014.

Sri Bhagavan: Namaste. Love you all. Love you!

Sweden: We’re so happy to see you!

Sri Bhagavan: I am also very, very happy to see you all!

Sweden: We want to give you our thanks, Sri Bhagavan. We are four different places in Sweden, Bhagavan. We are over 700 people gathered and we want to express our deepest gratitude. We are so honored, that Sweden was one of the first places that was reached by Oneness. Thank you so much on behalf of all of the Scandinavian countries and all our families, we want to express our deepest gratitude for affecting our lives so much. Thank you so much Bhagavan!

Sri Bhagavan: Thank you, Thank you!

Tejasaji: We begin with the questions now.

Q: Dear Sri Bhagavan, I am forever grateful for the help received from you, the Oneness University and all Guides that teach at your courses. My participation have totally changed my life. My relations with my mother and father and my husband is set right and also the relation with myself. This has totally changed my life. Instead of living with fear and constantly being positional, my life is now filled with joy and gratitude. My deepest thank you to all of you! Thank you Bhagavan!

Dear Bhagavan, we are many new people here today, we have heard that a person can go to India to your school, Oneness University, and go through a 28 day course. We heard that this course changes the participants life and that they re-connect with their inner source. Is this really true, Bhagavan, that one course can do that and what happens with the participants after they come home? Can you tell us what it is you are doing at your university and why this work is happening? Thank you Bhagavan.

Sri Bhagavan: Basically, we are using ancient knowledge and ancient techniques. What we are doing is, in terms of ancient terminology, we are activating the chakras and some nadis and trying to raise the kundalini. In terms of modern science we could say, we are restructuring the brain and also the heart. We are talking of the physical brain and the physical heart. These undergo a change if the chakras are activated and the kundalini is activated. That’s what we are doing. But the end result is, the brain and the heart undergo a change. If the participant is fully participating, then he gets very good results. So once the brain and the heart change, you’ll get connected to your own inner resources and things begin to happen to you. But what is required is, a very serious participation is required. And when you go back home, you must continue to follow the practices we have recommended. If this is sincerely done, you would get results, within 6 months you would see very good results. Very good changes in your life and almost most of your problems would be getting solved. So once you start getting connected to your inner resource, it naturally helps all your problems. And of course once they are solved, new problems would arise and you’ve got to solve them. Problems would never end, but you’ve got to keep engaging with life. Only by engaging with your problems, you would be growing.

Q: Dear Sri Bhagavan, how can oneness help individuals and humanity?

Sri Bhagavan: Oneness basically works on individuals. As far as we are concerned, you are the world. And what is happening inside you, is what is creating this world. So if we could change you, then we change the world. It’s all about individual transformation. So, if collectively a large number of individuals transform themselves, then humanity would get transformed. The others need not have to work for it. They would very spontaneously and naturally change. What is required is, a certain group of people, a certain number of people have got to transform themselves. Because we are all connected, this group of people can silently transform the world.

Q: Dear Sri Bhagavan, why do I not feel love towards my mother and father?

Sri Bhagavan: This is basically because of what happened while you were in the womb. What is the kind of talk or thoughts your parents had, how the delivery was and what happened in the first six hours. These are responsible for your relationship with your parents. However, all this can be redone through a deeksha. The entire thing can be changed. Your experience of what happened in the womb and while being delivered and the first six hours could all be changed. Once they are changed, you would discover real love towards your parents and all the near and dear ones.

Q: Dear Sri Bhagavan, on the news we are constantly hearing of new epidemics and health problems, threats of war, crime being on the rise and more and more tension between different groups in society. It seems things are only getting worse. Oneness University, on the other hand, seem to have a rather optimistic view of the future. Can you please explain the view of Oneness University on the future of humanity and where we are heading? Thank you Bhagavan.

Sri Bhagavan: What we must understand is; we are creating these problems. What is happening within the individual is responsible for the condition of the world today. We as human beings are functioning at lower levels of consciousness. These problems are being created by lower levels of consciousness. Therefore, these low levels of consciousness cannot really solve these problems. We have to raise these levels of consciousness. Now, the basic problem is, the kundalini is firing in a haphazard way because things are changing very, very fast. Never before in human history, we have seen things change so very fast. When that happens, the kundalini also rises, but not in the right way. That is why we create all these problems. These problems are being created by us.

For example, domestic violence; alot of domestic violence in millions of people could actually surface as war between two countries. Now we may think two countries are fighting, but if you go deep down you would realize that simple domestic violence is responsible for some two countries fighting somewhere. So we are creating events like war, like epidemics. So all these things we only are creating. Now that’s because the times are changing very, very fast, we are not able to handle that and the kundalini is firing in a haphazard way and it is responsible for all these problems. Now what we should do is, we should raise levels of consciousness.

What the Oneness University believes is, once the kundalini, that which is now growing very fast and going in a haphazard way, if that is corrected, that can be corrected by a large number of people raising their levels of consciousness. Then that very same kundalini would raise the levels of consciousness of a large number of people and maybe all people on the planet, and then we would see a totally different world. That is why Oneness University is very optimistic about the future.

Q: Dear Sri Bhagavan, what will be the vision and work of Oneness University, once it closes it’s doors to new participants in a few years? What will Amma and Bhagavan’s life be after 2014 and how will you continue to work with us? Thank you Bhagavan.

Sri Bhagavan: We basically want to focus on a certain number of people, basically those who come to the University. And obviously we cannot take too many people because it has to be focused work and therefore the numbers have got to be limited. We expect these people to grow and to become spiritual leaders. They would help the planet. Our job is to help these people who come here emerge as spiritual leaders on their own. That is, you digest these teachings, you apply these teachings and they become yours. Once they become yours, you start talking. And then you have a great effect on people who listen to you. Only if the teachings become real to you, not merely mouthing the teachings, but they must become your life, you must live those teachings, then you become a great teacher. And we intend to produce a large number of teachers, mainly those who come to our university, who will then take over this work. They would help humanity.

As far as Amma and Bhagavan are concerned, in India we have two terms; antharmukham or bhagirmukham. Bhagirmukham means working externally, antharmukham means working internally. In oneness, Bhagavan works externally, bhagirmukham. Amma works internally, antharmukham. Now, after 2014, both of us would be working antharmukham. We would be working inside ourselves. As we do that, the deekshas would become enormously powerful and changes would begin to happen very, very fast. You would begin to see this in the year 2018. But for those who come to India, I would still be interacting with you and talking to you. So we have to move antharmukham now to speed up the process. The results would be seen in the year 2018.

Q: Dear Sri Bhagavan, there are many of us who would like to have more money and wealth so we could accomplish good things and be of help to the world, but we are having trouble getting money. Why doesn’t the universe support us if our intentions are good? Thank you Bhagavan.

Sri Bhagavan: First, you must become clear, absolutely clear, as to why you want money. Is money required to meet your needs or for the sake of significance or for the sake of helping others? You must become very clear about this.

Secondly, you must develop wealth consciousness. That is, you must become conscious of all that you are having. For example, if you are a beggar, you must become conscious of your begging bowl and look at your begging bowl as though it were an asset. Everything must be seen as an asset; your parents, your wife, your husband, your children, your job, your house, your furniture. Everything must be consciously seen as an asset. Not focused on things which you do not have, but focus on things which you have.

Thirdly, you have to keep continuously reviewing your life and all negative things you must learn to see them positively. It is possible to see all negative things in a positive light. If you could do that, then that sankalpa or that desire that you must have wealth, would easily be fulfilled. You’ll get the connections, the contacts, the opportunities. They’re everywhere! Opportunities are everywhere to make money, but the problem is you do not see it. But if you could change your perception, in terms of becoming wealth conscious, seeing all things positively and becoming very clear as to why you want the money, you would see the opportunities and they would come to you. All things; the connections, the contacts, the breakthroughs, everything would come and you would soon have enough money as desired by you.

We have done this in villages in India and we have achieved very great results. Amazing results have been achieved. We have taken small groups of people of 2000, 3000, and we have worked on them in a very compact way. For example, we took up a village which only had huts. Now today, they are only RCC buildings everywhere. There’s not a single hut. Almost all the youths have become engineers. They have motor vehicles now. It was once in a terrible condition where they only had mud huts, there was no single motorized vehicle, they had no air conditioners. Today, regular houses, air conditioners, houses, everything has come. So we taught them only this and of course, gave them deeksha, and things have changed. So it is possible to acquire wealth. In our opinion, it’s one of the most easiest things to achieve.

Q: Dear Bhagavan, How can I walk in the Light, with Paramatma in my Heart, staying humble and grateful to life always? Thank you Bhagavan!

Sri Bhagavan: If you become humble, to begin with, because what are we? We are nothing at all, so it’s easy to be humble. Then the Paramatma becomes real to you. You have a real connection with the Paramatma, whatever your Paramatma is. Once you get that connection with the Paramatma, you would naturally become humble. Real humility comes to you. Being with the Paramatma you’ve got to be humble, because the Paramatma is the Universe. So once you are relating to the Universe in a very physical way, in a very personal way, you become absolutely humble.

Q: Dear Sri Bhagavan, I have recently been to Oneness University in October and participated in your new course A journey into awakening. How do I retain the knowledge that I have with me from the October course? Thank you Bhagavan!

Sri Bhagavan: We have taught you how to apply those teachings to solve your problems. Now, problems keep coming. That’s the way of life, you know, life keeps throwing problems at you. Until you die the problems would not cease. But your job is to handle one problem and be ready for the next. Life would throw it at you. Now, if you really keep applying these teachings, in about 4-6 months time, you’ll know exactly how to handle any problems posed by life. As you keep handling these problems, you would keep growing and growing and growing until finally you become the All. You become the All That Is. Not in some kind of imagination or some such thing, not conceptually, but actually you would experience you are the All. Your consciousness expands, your brain changes and every moment you know you are one with the Universe. That is the human potential. But for that you must engage with life. If you withdraw from life, you cannot get there. Engaging means taking on the problems. And how to take them on, that is what we are teaching. And you must learn to apply those teachings. Do it and see and you’ll get remarkable results.

Q: I’m always on the run! In my mind and my thoughts I am always going away from the situation I am living in, going away from the present. I’m never satisfied! There must be something else waiting for me. Could you please explain, Bhagavan?

Sri Bhagavan: This is because you think your mind is your mind. But, your mind is not your mind, it is THE mind. It is the ancient mind and it is the one mind. This is one way which the mind operates. So the mind, THE mind, in you, is operating this way. So you must be able to see this and you must get detached from your mind. You must learn to see your mind function. It is not your mind but the mind which is functioning the way it is functioning in you. When you get this detachment, when there’s no more identification with your mind, then all things change. Your perception about life changes and it becomes very, very beautiful and you become a stranger in a guesthouse. The world is a guesthouse and you are a stranger there. That’s how you begin to live. Unless you become a stranger to this world you really do not live. So you must think of this as a guesthouse where you’ve come for a few days stay and you are completely detached to the guesthouse. Now that can happen only if you become detached from your thoughts. That’s why we say ”your thoughts are not your thoughts”. Detached from your body, that’s why we tell you ”your body is not your body”. A little contemplation would actually show you your body is not your body. The same thing with the mind also. The same thing with the concept of the self, it’s part of the mind. You are only pure consciousness. You could completely de-identify from these things. Oneness is all about de-identification with everything. And then you become this stranger in a guesthouse. And then you live in heaven.

Q: Will there be more courses in the temple, Bhagavan?

Sri Bhagavan: Yes, in the future there’ll be more courses to speed up the process. As I told you in 2018 things would be very different. As you are growing, we would be offering you new courses. Like we are building the foundation, many of you have been in the movement for quite some years, so you are now better prepared to take on newer teachings, newer processes and newer experiences. So we’ll be changing things in the future.

Q: In Sweden and in other European countries, there are millions of people who have immigrated from different countries in the world, making each country a melting pot of different cultures from different parts of the world. This sometimes lead to what is called “culture clashes” and is a controversial topic around Europe. How can we as different people with different cultures co-exist in peace? Thank you Bhagavan.

Sri Bhagavan: You must discover oneness. Not oneness teachings or Oneness University or AmmaBhagavan – not that. You must discover the spirit of oneness and live in the spirit of oneness. If that does not happen, you’re surely heading for trouble. Very serious trouble is in store for you unless you discover the spirit of oneness.

Q: Namaste Sri Bhagavan. When I first came in contact with Oneness over 10 years ago, I used to see you and Amma as my antaryamin in my heart and speak to you. Nowadays, I rarely see a form in my heart anymore and it’s mostly formless. I also don’t have much communication anymore. Sometimes I even wonder if there is a personal God or if God is just some impersonal force like nature. It feels like my personal relationship with God has disappeared the more empty I have become. Can you please explain, Bhagavan? Thank you Bhagavan.

Sri Bhagavan: Your connection with your personal God depends on the level of your kundalini. Now, the kundalini keeps going up and down based on various factors; your diet, your health condition, your environment – so many factors are responsible. When the kundalini goes down, you lose the connection with your personal divine and obviously after some time it comes back. And when it comes back you reconnect. So you do not have to worry about it. There’s nothing much you have to do about it. These things happen naturally. You’ll get your connection back.

Q: Dear Sri Bhagavan, what can I do to keep my mind calm and to be in the present? I’m hearing a constant chatter in the mind all the time. Thank you Bhagavan.

Sri Bhagavan: This can happen easily if you could de-identify with your mind, for which, using the teachings you must go into contemplation where you see that is how the mind has been for thousands of years through all human beings. Except for a few people who have got transformed, that’s how the mind has been. From the most primitive man to modern man, that’s how the mind is. That’s why we refer to it as ”the mind”, not your mind or my mind or his mind or her mind. The mind, as the ancient mind. It’s the one mind and it’s the same thing in everyone. So if you could get to this insight, it automatically becomes quiet. That is you can see it as something separate from you and when that distance comes between you and your mind, your mind naturally becomes very, very quiet. So you have to de-identify yourself from your mind. As long as you think it is your mind, it is trouble.

Q: Dear Bhagavan, in our mythology in the north it has been said that the light comes from the north. Many people have lately seen visions how the northern countries are filled with light. How do you feel about it, Bhagavan? We ask for your blessings, Bhagavan. Thank you Bhagavan.

Sri Bhagavan: Yes, this is very true and there’s been an ancient prophecy in India that the light will come from the north. So we do believe in this and we can expect great transformation happening in the north.

Q: Dear Bhagavan, How will the 3 chambers evolve in the future? Thank you Bhagavan.

Sri Bhagavan: The 3 chambers would become more and more powerful in the coming years, where people walking in will be able to talk to their divine in a very physical way. It may take a year or two. Definietely by 2018 it will be enormously powerful. You could simply walk in and get healed, have your problems solved, get out of depression. So week after week, month after month, the chambers would become very powerful. And in 2018 you would see a totally different chambers.

Q: Dear Bhagavan. Some parts of our community are very negative about oneness. We think this is because some people in the beginning who had contact with oneness put it out in a very bad way. People were not allowed to come to courses if they did not have pictures and worship some special person. Also if you went to a course they had some wooden padukas that they slammed on to peoples head and people where crying in choirs. This made many people in our society very afraid of oneness. What can you say to all these people Bhagavan?

Sri Bhagavan: We are really shocked to hear this because this is not oneness at all. Oneness is also openness. Oneness is nothing but freedom. So how this happened we have no idea, in fact I’m hearing about this for the first time. I’m really, really shocked and I feel very, very sorry for what has happened. So it’s up to you to now correct all these things because this is not oneness at all. This is not the spirit of oneness. So it’s up to you to correct this situation. I can only say I feel terribly, terribly sorry for what has happened.

Q: Dear Bhagavan, some people think your mission to help humankind become free from suffering is so beautiful and many people are so grateful for the courses you offer at your school. But many people in our country are stuck in poverty consciousness and feel they have no chance to come to your course, also some have families and cannot make the journey to India. What do you suggest to all this people so that they can participate in this important work?

Sri Bhagavan: This is a real problem. We are working on this and very soon we hope to come up with a solution, to help all people around the planet. We are working on this. Maybe six months or a year from now we would be able to solve this problem.

Q: Dear Bhagavan. What is the reason that there are so many children with autism, ADHD, ADD and other combinations in our society? And what is the solution for community / parents / children / young people / adults with autism, ADHD, ADD, and all these problems, Bhagavan?

Sri Bhagavan: As I was speaking earlier, we humans are responsible for all these problems and that’s because of our lower levels of consciousness and that is because of the rapid changes over the world, with which we are not able to cope with. Therefore, the kundalini is fluctuating up and down and our consciousness levels are going down, as a consequence of which we are creating all these problems. But soon the kundalini would correct itself and then the levels of consciousness would go up. As it goes up all these problems will slowly begin to subside. But for the moment, you’ve got to realize that we are responsible for all these problems and that it is correctable. We can change the situation. Otherwise there’s no point at all. It is indeed possible to change this situation.

Q: Dear Bhagavan, what is happening in the world right now and why are there so many conflicts? What can we do to prevent a world in war with our awareness?

Sri Bhagavan: If we become aware of what is going on inside, then whatever we become aware of, that undergoes a change. So if we become aware of what is going on inside ourselves, we undergo a change. And as we undergo a change, the world changes. The switch to change the world is inside us; inside us individuals. We do not have to depend on the government or any such thing. We can depend on ourselves. Like governments direct the course of nations, we too can direct the course of nations. But all of you should collectively, for example all the people in Sweden, if you could collectively sit together, not in the same hall or building, but in their own homes but on a specific date and time every month. If you could all sit and take up some particular problem and take a sankalpa that this must be solved and give a deeksha to the map of your country, you would get very good results. So people like you, you can change the destiny of your country. You don’t have to depend on your government or some political party, nothing like that. The ordinary people could change the destiny of your country. And as you do this your government would change, everything would change naturally. They will not be aware of it. But you could change it all by collectively changing the consciousness of your country. We believe Sweden has got enough numbers. All that you must do is, you must connect on a particular date, particular time, and that must be the same thing every month, not keep changing it and right in your homes, you could have a laptop or a map there of your country and you could give the deeksha. But all must take the same intent, that this problem must be solved. Then you would see direct results coming very, very fast.

Q: Dear Bhagavan, Looking at the deeksha givers in our country as well as the participants in the Oneness courses in Sweden in general, the majority of people seem to be middle age or above. It seems that in order for there to be a new generation of people on this planet, more young people would need to actively work on raising their consciousness. Can you please speak about this and how we can reach more youths, those who will inherit this earth, Bhagavan? Thank you Bhagavan.

Sri Bhagavan: In the coming courses we are going to train you as to how handle the youth and how to help them out. You need some special knowledge for that and some special techniques, which we would be teaching you in the coming year.

Q: Beloved Bhagavan! How can we experience more compassion, self acceptance and self love? Thank you Bhagavan.

Sri Bhagavan: The easiest and best way for this would be to visit old age homes, destitute homes, orphanages and then sit with those people, talk to them, hold their hands and synchronize your breath with them and then give them a deeksha. Once you do that, you would experience the same feelings or emotions that they experience. You would experience their suffering. And you would realize that there’s no such thing as my suffering or your suffering, there’s only suffering. Once you get that insight, your heart begins to flower and you’re filled with unconditional love and compassion.

Q: Sometimes there are less things happening in life. Boredom makes the joy feel far away. How can I keep the joy? Thank you Bhagavan.

Sri Bhagavan: Joy is your true nature. What you are talking about is pleasure. Pleasure and joy are very different. Joy needs nothing. Joy is totally unconditional. Anything gives you joy. For example, I just stay in a room, I don’t go out anywhere except when I come to meet westerners who come here, to give a talk to them. I just live in a simple room and there’s a lawn in front of that. When I look at the crow, it gives me great joy. When the crow caws, it gives me joy. If some dog is barking, that gives joy. When I see an ant moving, it gives me joy. Or a leaf shaking, it gives me joy. You don’t need anything to give you joy. Joy is your natural state; anything and everything can give you joy.

But for that to happen you have to de-identify with the mind, the body and your thoughts. Then every moment there is joy. You do not have to be engaged in any activity to escape your boredom, because your true nature is joy, but you’re not able to experience it. And that’s because your identifying all the time with your mind and your thoughts. If you can de-identify there’s just joy. You do not have to go to a movie, or to some dance, or to some party, that’s pleasure of course, which you can very well have, no problem with it, but joy needs nothing. That is your nature. Any simple thing will give you joy. Just looking at some human being gives you joy, a bird gives you joy, two people fighting can also give you joy. How beautifully they keep fighting. So everything; the perception changes. There’s only joy all the time. You do not have to depend on anything to get joy. If you depend on something, that is pleasure, that is not joy. This is achievable. I’m not talking about something which is not achievable. I would not talk about those things. This is achievable and many people are in this beautiful state.

Q: Dear Sri Bhagavan, Thank You for All Your Blessings. What will happen with deeksha when You track Yourself back? Would we still be able to continue with deeksha giving? Thank You for all wonderful deekshas! Thank you Bhagavan.

Sri Bhagavan: You would continue with deeksha giving and the deekshas would become enormously powerful.

Q: Dear Bhagavan! Lately I have more and more accepted that I am living in an illusion and that I’m a co-creator of this illusion. When I experience that there’s nothing I need to do, know or have: no cravings, nothing ”insufficient” – Life opens up to me and everything becomes real. Can you speak about this illusion and ”cravings” and to remember who I am in totality, in oneness. I am so thankful for all your teachings, Bhagavan! Thank you Bhagavan.

Sri Bhagavan: You seem to be growing very, very fast and I expect you to soon discover unconditional love and limitless joy and that may become your natural state. I’m very, very happy to hear this, you’re moving exceptionally fast.

Q: Beloved Sri Bhagavan,

We are a group from Latvia, here in Gothenburg. More than one year ago, Oneness teachings started to spread in our country. Now we have regular Deeksha Evenings. We cooperate actively with Oneness people from our neighbor countries such as Sweden, Lithuania and Estonia. A group of some 10 people is going to Oneness University, Bhagavan. We need your blessings. Beloved Bhagavan, why some of us feel so stuck and lost in their path? We have seen that you give some countries a blessing and open up manifestations of different miracles for them. Could you please open up miracles for our country, Bhagavan? Thank you Bhagavan!

Sri Bhagavan: Yes, we’ll do more miracles in your country.

Tejasaji: There are two people who are having a health problem, Bhagavan.

Dear Bhagavan, I have an autoimmune disease called Vitiligo and I have tried self healing by changing the way I eat. I have also asked for healing in the chambers. I see small results and for that I am very grateful. Still it doesn’t seem to heal completely. I have learned to live with the disease, but I also very much want to be healed. So I wonder, is there something more I can do? Thank you Bhagavan!

Sri Bhagavan: Yes, if you could become more happier and if you would start enjoying your life as much as you could, then I can help you in a very dramatic way. What I need from you is more happiness and begin to enjoy life, all that you do in life; whether it is eating or going for a walk or going for a vacation or whatever it is. If you could enjoy life more and become more happy, then I can help you very, very fast.

Tejasaji: One of the participants have a chronic fatigue syndrome. She has been working on it for over 20 years. She discovered deeksha about 5 years ago and have been continual in deeksha events. She has improved in several ways, but the muscular problem remain. Since one year she hasn´t been able to go to deeksha evenings because her body doesn´t function. Her son carries her to Sacred Chambers and she has participated in 7 or 8 Chambers, Bhagavan, but she is not improving. Can you please help her, Bhagavan?

Sri Bhagavan: Yes, I will help her.

Tejasaji: This is the last gratitude, Bhagavan.

Dear Beloved Bhagavan! Once someone asked you during a darshan about how we could thank you for all that you have done for us. You answered: “You can thank me by being happy.” Your answer went straight into my heart and I have never forgotten it since then. I have been waiting for that day when I could thank you the way you’ve said. And finally I can do that by telling you that I am happy, that my life is a miracle and I am myself a miracle. And exactly as you promised us – nothing really has changed in my life, same job, same family, same town and street. Thank you for loving us unconditionally, Bhagavan! Thank you Bhagavan!

Meditation with Sri Bhagavan began..

Sri Bhagavan: Love you all! Love you all so much! See you in the chambers!