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The Awakened One is free. The unawakened one tries to be free.

Friday, June 22nd, 2012

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Summary notes – Guide of Oneness India explanation for this week’s webcast:received Friday, June 22, 2012

The Awakened One is free. The unawakened one tries to be free.

The Awakened One is already free and there is no struggle. There is no becoming. Basically, he is not trying to be somebody else or he is not trying to change. He is not unhappy about what is there or what he is. Instead, he is completely at ease with himself in every way. There is no struggle to change and he is basically a free person.

When a person becomes Awakened we say that he has seen. We say he is the seer. What has he seen? He has seen the views and how the mind forms views. He has seen how the mind is forming perceptions. Then it is not there. Nothing is there. It is just experiencing.

For example, when you see a person, you immediately say, “this is Ramesha, this is Suresha, this is Shanti or this is Rena,” or whatever. So the mind relates to the picture it has formed earlier about a person. When it forms the picture, it then processes the data. Then it judges, describes and narrates. The mind is forming those pictures.

When a person becomes Awakened he can still recognize people: who they are, their names, their relations, etc. It doesn’t stay, but instead comes and goes. Since “he” is not there, the views are not there. He is free of the views.

Like the Buddha said, “In the seeing there is just the seeing. In the hearing there is just the hearing, and in the thinking just the thought.”

He is basically seeing reality as it is. He is experiencing reality as it is. He is always in the witnessing state and is only witnessing. Judgments are not forming nor are thoughts. He is free from that. This is how an Awakened being experiences freedom.

The unawakened one is continuously trying to change. He is continuously struggling. He doesn’t accept himself as he is. He feels inferior about himself or he feels superior about himself. He feels a struggle always going on.

There is a placard that says, “Angry people hurt others and hurt themselves. So don’t be angry. Be cool.” The statement, “Angry people hurt themselves and hurt others,” is important and fine.

However, when you say, “be cool” or “don’t hurt others,” then effort is required not to hurt others and maintain coolness. It means you are not really cool (calm).

Many disturbances are going on inside: anger, frustration, irritation, jealousy, insecurity and fear. They are all there and you constantly want to avoid them. You want to experience the state of no jealously, no insecurity, no anger, no frustration and no irritation instead.

You are continuously trying to get there because you are not there. That very trying to get there is the struggle. You are wanting to be free from this struggle.

The moment you realize and see, you become free of it. The moment you become aware, then the suffering and frustration you are experiencing go away automatically. This is how you have to see the mind. This is how you have to see how you are struggling.

When you feel inferiority you may say, “I am useless and good for nothing.” You cry and get depressed. But what you must do is become aware that there is a struggle to end the struggle.

When you feel jealousy, you don’t want to be jealous. Somebody said you should not be jealous. So when you are feeling jealousy you struggle.

The Awakened being is free from that struggle. When you are awakened you will be free from that suffering and in a very beautiful and wonderful state.

The unawakened one is always trying to be free from his suffering, free from his whatever.

You should contemplate this teaching and receive your own answers. Since you are unawakened you must contemplate on the second part of the teaching and how you are not free.

You can close your eyes and contemplate on what has been said here. Contemplate on how you are not seeing. When someone hurts you, you don’t see that you got hurt but instead you react. (See last week’s notes and teaching.)

To give you an example, you must see what is happening to you in your mind when somebody hurts you. There are so many fears and so many traumas possibly going on. If you close your eyes for some time and then you can just watch how many things come. Bhagavan will be clearing those things.

You can close your eyes and contemplate what is going on right now. This is a sadhana (spiritual practice) you can continue doing anytime.

If you have then seen so much about yourself in this manner, then during the webcast, it becomes very easy for Bhagavan to lift your Kundalini and push you to the Sahasrara (crown chakra). It can then become a permanent state.

For this reason it is so important that you do your sadhanas. So hopefully you are doing this sadhana and have contemplated on the teaching of the week, and have had your own breakthroughs.

Important from previous notes


When you are receiving the Mukthi Deeksha weekly on the webcast, you have to just watch Bhagavan and keep receiving the Deeksha for 15 minutes by continuously watching.

Please do not close your eyes during the webcast.

After the webcast you can switch off all the lights, make the room dark and you can lie down or you can sit up, keep your lips slightly open and experience whatever happens.

You can’t “get” the experience of how the Awakened one experiences. It has to be given to you.

If you want a prayer answered, contemplate about the prayer BEFORE receiving the deeksha (during the webcast).

Imagine in 3D with all senses that your prayer request has been fulfilled. You might repeat AmmaBhagavan inwardly while praying.

Do not pray during the Mukthi Deeksha broadcast, just receive.

Bhagavan speaks to Russians about Oneness Mediation March 2012

Friday, March 30th, 2012

Gratitude Maria Bernett for posting this on, to Mattias Eriksson for the original video posting and to Krisztina Petrics-Nyitray for the subtitled video.
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Gratitude to Mattias Eriksson for the original video posting and to Krisztina Petrics-Nyitray for the subtitled video.

Oneness Russia: Dear Bhagavan we have received alot of birthday wishes for you and I would like to wish you a Happy Birthday from all of us. Our deep, heartfelt gratitude from all of us for the new, powerful deeksha, the Oneness Meditation, for everything you have been doing for each and every one. We all would like to become awakened and we all wish to be useful and helpful in fulfilling your vision of 2012 for the whole of humanity. My personal gratitude to you, dear Bhagavan, and my humble prostrations.
Question: Good afternoon Global Divine. I thank you for the chance to have a direct guidance from you. After the deepening process my energies got settled. But right now I have got the state that I don’t know how to fulfill myself in life: trying to listen and understand my heart to choose the right direction. But I have got the feeling that I am trapped and I can’t escape from all of that. That causes suffering and disappointment in life. Sri AmmaBhagavan, my gratitude for your limitless love and Divine presence.
Bhagavan: The Oneness Meditation released in 2012 is a very special process. All that has happened to you until now is a preparation. All you have to do is to attend 5 or 6 Oneness Meditations. Your problem would be solved. This applies to all people who are stuck somewhere. All would be able to reach their goal through the Oneness Meditation. All that is happening to you, that happened to you, is a preparation for this.
Question: Dear Bhagavan, since I started receiving and later giving Oneness deekshas myself … (no sound)……It’s an agonizing condition. Sometimes I feel intense disgust and hatred against life and it seems to grow. How to go above it, Bhagavan? Thank you.
Bhagavan: Your process has reached such a point where if you attend 6 or 7 Oneness Meditations you’d be soon awakened.
Question: Dear Bhagavan, when we ask about fulfilling something in our prayers is it enough to ask the Divine just once, or ask over and over again until the question is answered?
Bhagavan: It is enough to ask once. It is important that you maintain a notebook and see if the prayer is being answered or not. If the prayer is not being answered, you should not repeat that prayer, but put in a new prayer. You must make use of the teachings to formulate the correct prayer. Every correct prayer would be answered.
(Note: see link at end of transcript for specific instructions about the prayer notebook.)
Question: When I don’t keep asking about the awakening constantly, it seems that the process has stopped. Is it so?
Bhagavan: You need not keep asking for awakening because the process is on for all of you. You may not even be aware of it, but it is continuing. At the end of 2012 most people would be awakened or at least in awakened states.
Question: Dear Bhagavan, why does this state of deep, melancholy grief emerge, where the tears come down when I see that nothing changes. It seems that I am good for nothing, that all my hope of awakening is just a fantasy. How to overcome that, Bhagavan?
Bhagavan: You are in fact ready for awakening.
Question: Dear Bhagavan, with regards to the word integrity, it’s kind of clear. But about the inner integrity it’s not completely clear. You say that if we practice inner integrity it will help to become enlightened. And what is inner integrity? Is it not to lie to ourselves, not to break some rules? And if I break something is it not to justify myself? And if it is impossible to stop all that, as far as I got it, inner integrity is the main thing. Practicing it we can change our life. Could you tell us about inner integrity in detail?
Bhagavan: Inner integrity is to see what is going on inside you without the mind justifying things.
Question: Tell me please Bhagavan, does my spiritual evolution influence my near and dear?
Bhagavan: Your spiritual evolution not only influences your near and dear ones, but also a large number of people whom you may never know in life.
Question: Dear Bhagavan, I am 61. Could it be a reason for the fact that my mind cannot be declutched and witnessing of the mind doesn’t happen to me? Dear Bhagavan, what should I do to help myself to master concentration? When I experience some problem, silence and serenity comes. But I don’t become compassionate and loving after that. I become indifferent to problems of others. What do I do wrong at the moment of experiencing?
Bhagavan: You need not do anything. Please go to the Oneness Meditation, the Divine would definitely help you.
Question: Hello Bhagavan. Why no doctors and healers, and practices fail to help me? Why nothing changes in my life and if I don’t have any life. No events are happening and nothing is changing for years and decades. I can’t break through the dead wall in my life. It seems that I live the life of somebody else; that I have somebody else’s diseases, obsessed with somebody else’s thoughts and emotional conditions. I feel I am a zombie, bio-robot, not a human being. There is not any real hope in my life. For how long is it going to continue?
Bhagavan: It will all change very, very soon.
Question: Namaste, beloved Bhagavan. Why don’t those few changes happen in the world which you have predicted? Just some interest in deeksha and Oneness is only seen. While we conduct a workshop everybody is delighted. But afterwards, people get back into their shells. What do I do Bhagavan?
Bhagavan: Things are beginning to change all over the planet. More and more people are getting awakened very fast now.
Question: Dear Bhagavan, many, various doubts come up. I work them out as you teach us and they are gone. But one doubt or rather fear is there always. What if nothing happens in 2012, which all of us are waiting for so much? What if everything will remain the same like now: these financial schemes of dependency, the total bondage of man with endless wars and borders? What if nothing happens with me and with the planet. I ask you for an answer dear avatar. I’m sorry for my impatience to look into the future at the end of 2012. I love you very much. Thank you.
Bhagavan: Our vision for 2012 is that 70,000 people must be awakened. Now it looks like it is going to be achieved by end of 2012. The kind of changes you ask for would happen thereafter.
Question: Dear beloved Bhagavan, is awakening possible only when all the charges are experienced by us?
Bhagavan: At the center of your being is fear. Though I use the word fear, it contains thousands of fears. One fear may translate as cancer. Now if we dissolve that fear, cancer would be gone. If we dissolve that fear in one minute, cancer would dissolve in one minute. If we take six months to dissolve that fear, then it would take six months for the cancer to disappear.
The same thing applies to all ailments. Not only that, but all problems. A particular fear translates itself as financial problems. Another fear as relationship problems and some fears prevent you from becoming awakened. These fears are nothing but charges. We do not have to be free of all charges to be awakened. We have to be only free of that fear which is preventing you from being awakened. Once that fear is dissolved, you’d become awakened.
In fact, whenever we help you we a financial problem or a health problem we dissolve the corresponding fear through deeksha and through various other methods. For example, the homas are one way of dissolving these fears. So you do not have to be free of all traumas to be awakened.
Question: Dear Bhagavan, we are having the Oneness Meditations help, and I am taking part in that with lots of joy. Something truly beautiful is happening to me during these new powerful deekshas. Thank you so much for that. Could you please tell us more about Oneness Meditation? How do you see this process? How does the Oneness Meditation help the process of awakening? How can we help this process if we, ourselves are not initiated? Do we have to attend a Oneness awakening course or any other Oneness courses? Or is it enough just to participate in the Oneness Meditation? How often is it recommended to attend the Oneness Meditation? Our deepest gratitude to you our beloved Bhagavan.
Bhagavan: Those who conduct Oneness Meditation are not selected by a Dasa, they are not selected by the University, they are not selected by AmmaBhagavan. Through a very special process they are directly selected by the Divine. So far only a few people have been selected. Sometimes even awakened people have been not selected. We do not know on what basis the Divine selects. But among the selected people, your country has the highest number of people.
If you are well prepared then in a single Oneness Meditation you can become awakened. If you are not well prepared, in 6 or 7 Oneness Meditations you could become awakened. You would first move into awakened states and mostly after 6 months you would be fully awakened. Every month we conduct this process where the Divine might reveal some names. It is not based on your quality or qualifications. We have no role in this whatsoever. The Divine selects you and the Divine flows through you, and the Divine does everything. All of you would soon make it, don’t worry!
Question: Namaste dear Bhagavan. Happy birthday! With regards to Oneness Meditation, Bhagavan, how do the experiences differ of those who transfer it and of those who receive it? Do we have to be in prayer while in the Oneness Meditation? With love and gratitude to you. Pranam.
Bhagavan: All that you must do is you must have a sense of sacredness and keep looking into the eyes of the meditator. That’s all.
Question: Dear Bhagavan, there is so much silence and the utmost silent joy inside. This whole process in an incomprehensible mystery for me. Thank you for this new deeksha in which all of us take part for this grand collective process. Everyone discovers it in their own way. Endless gratitude to you Bhagavan. There are more and more people joining Oneness Meditations, and more and more people are helping to organize, set up and conduct the Oneness Meditations.
It is quite easy to organize and to conduct them because the major work is done by the Divine. For the introduction and….of the Oneness Meditation…will be held by the organizers. Could you please help them and tell what will be a good way to prepare people before this meditation? What they should tell? What to focus on, while preparing people? Maybe you can tell us something about what happens during Oneness Meditation. How does it help the process of awakening?
Bhagavan: If you could contemplate and review your life for half an hour it would be very, very helpful.
Oneness Russia: Thank you, Bhagavan.
Bhagavan: We shall now meditate.
Bhagavan: Love you all, love you.
Oneness Russia: We love you Bhagavan, also. So much.
Bhagavan: Namaste.
Oneness Russia: Namaste.
For guidance about how to do a Notebook for Prayers visit:

Relationships – 14 Errors in LIFE Early teachings of Bhagavan

Monday, May 16th, 2011

Relationships – 14 Errors in LIFE Early teachings of Bhagavan

Just to see, this is what I am, not to judge, condemn.
To see is to be free.

1. To attempt to set up our own standard of right and wrong and expect everyone to conform it to
That which gives greater happiness to maximum # of people is right. This is AB standard of what is right.
Varies situation to situation, person to person Is it a truth for me? Even if it is a truth to you, you can’t force it on others.
When people don’t fall into our expectation we suffer.

2.To try and measure the enjoyment of others by our own

3. To expect uniformity of opinion in the world
We suffer and so do others.

4.To worry others and ourselves about what cannot be remedied

Trying to change that which can’t be changed
The Serenity Prayer
God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; ?
courage to change the things I can;?and wisdom to know the difference.
5. To look for judgment and experience in children
treating kids like that are big people, dignified at events, etc.
6. To endeavor to mold all dispositions alike
Why can’t they think like me! Why can’t they understand???
7. Not to fight for small things.
It affects our relationships when we fight for trivial things. So What??
8. To look for perfection in our own actions.
Only an awakened person can be perfect, we (the MIND) justify our actions to make it look perfect!
9. To to alleviate, if we can, all that needs alleviation.
Get help from the divine. When we help people, help will come to us.
AmmaBhagavan do this for all of us all the time.
10.Not to allow for the weakness of others.
Everyone has some weakness and some strength. We can’ t say to them “You can’t have this weakness.” It is how we are created as a package. We must know our own weakness then we can accept anybody’s weakness.

11. To consider anything impossible what we ourselves can’t perform.
I am the center of the universe. If I can’t do it no one can….
12. To live as if the day, the time, the moment, were so important it would live forever

This too shall pass; nothing is permanent, when we think it is, we suffer.
13. To believe only what our finite minds can grasp.
How can the part (the MIND) understand the whole? Experience is everything

14. To estimate people by some outside quality when it is what’s inside that matters.

When we suffer we ask ourselves what error am I doing.
Be more truthful about ourselves. We lie. Inner Integrity.

Heart Chakra gives the answer when you listen.
Feeling inside tells you the truth
When the truth is bitter you want to follow the mind because the mind creates a story that give you a cushion.

When your heart chakra is activated you’ll not be afraid to see your truth
You fight inside, in the process you are afraid. There is resistance to the see the truth, lack of inner integrity.

Fear of losing image you have about yourself. There is rejection inside and you are not ready to see it.

You get in touch with the feeling so you see it accept it, then no struggle
You escape saying. “It’s my family pattern, it’s karma, etc.”


Sri Bhagavan – The Awakened One….

Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

A webcast teaching for week of May 8st – May 14th with Sri Bhagavan:
“The Awakened One allows things to happen their own way.
The unawakened one tries to make things happen one’s own way.”
“The Awakened One is constantly unlearning and therefore continuously unburdened, lives in freedom.
The unawakened one is constantly learning and therefore continuously burdened and does not know what freedom is and hence what living is.”

“The Awakened One does not know or understand, but sees.
The unawakened one knows and understands, but does not see.”

“The Awakened One has nothing to defend and therefore does nothing to feel secure.
The unawakened one has a lot to defend and therefore must do things to feel secure.”

“The Awakened One sees the imperfect as perfect in itself; and hence rejoices in the way things are.
The un-awakened one sees imperfection everywhere; and hence he is unhappy and dissatisfied with the way things are.
The un-awakened one must therefore work to change things. This too is perfect for the Awakened One. ”

“The Awakened One has no sense of being and doing. The Awakened One has no vision or goal in mind. There is just doing. The Awakened One is humble, and does not practice humility.
The unawakened has a sense of being and doing, and therefore must have a vision or goal in mind. The unawakened must practice humility.

“When One is not Awakened One must not behave like one.
When One is Awakened One practices nothing. One is just Awake.
To be Awake is not a means to an end.
To be Awake is an end in itself.
When One is not Awake One must practice goodness.
Where there is no goodness One must practice virtue.
Where there is no virtue One must practice ritual conditioning. “

“Thoughts are subtle, divisive and elusive; and an expression of the self. They wander as they like. They create judgment and a troubled and disturbed mind. They prevent Awareness from happening. The unawakened must learn to direct, to control and to quiet thoughts by ruling over them. The Awakened One has moved beyond judgment, for he has gone beyond thought; as he is always ‘Aware’. “

“The Awakened One does nothing; but leaves nothing undone; for all things are happening all the time around and through the Awakened One. “

“The Awakened One neither suppresses nor ignores, neither resists nor justifies what is there, inside or outside; but merely is aware of the what is.

“The Awakened One does not perceive anything as good or bad; or as right or wrong; and hence has no preferences; and therefore does not try to change the way things are.”
“The Awakened One achieves nothing; for there is nothing to be achieved.
The Awakened One understands nothing; for there is nothing to be understood.
The Awakened One knows nothing; for there is nothing to be known.”

” The Awakened One knows that there is nothing to learn; what is needed is only to unlearn. “
“The Awakened One has no fixed plans and no destination.
The Awakened One accepts oneself; and the world accepts the Awakened One.
The Awakened One knows oneself; and hence has wisdom.
The Awakened One has no conflict with oneself; and hence has true power.
The Awakened One embraces death; for there is no death for the Awakened One.”
” The Awakened One sees things as they are, and doesn’t try to control or shape them.
The Awakened One doesn’t try to convince others.
The Awakened One knows that what is to happen will happen; and what is not to happen will not happen; and that the universe is forever out of control.”
” The Awakened One does not try to change the world. It is perfect and sacred to the Awakened One. “
“The Awakened One has no will and no illusions. The Awakened One merely dwells in reality.”

“The Awakened One sees the world emerging from the void; therefore accept the world as it is. As the Awakened One accepts the world as it is, the Awakened One is established in the primal Self.”
“The Awakened One is open to all people and all situations and flows with them.”
“The Awakened One journeys without journeying.”

“The Awakened One remains unmoving till perfect action arises by itself. The Awakened One is free of all views and concepts; is One with the what is”

“The Awakened One is one with that which was there before the universe was born. It is the one which is eternally present, the unborn and the undying, one without a beginning and an end, ever unchanging, solitary, empty, infinite, blissful, the eternal ‘I’.”

“The Awakened One is open to everything and everything falls into place.”

“The Awakened One remains unmoving, and action arises by its self. The Awakened One allows things to come and go like clouds in the sky. The Awakened Ones sustains all beings without trying to.”

“The Awakened One sees the world as himself or herself. Loves and cares for the world as one’s self. To the Awakened One all things are perfect as they are.”

“The Awakened One is detached from all things, and hence, is one with everything. Detachment when practiced leads to indifference which is not detachment.”

“The Awakened One is empty and therefor capable. One should not try to empty one’s self.”

“The Awakened One, acts without doing anything, this cannot be practiced”