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Sri Bhagavan: teachings will not help you awaken

Friday, November 16th, 2012

Question: Dear Bhagavan, apart from the teachings and sadhanas (disciplines undertaken in the pursuit of a goal), what is your message in this path of Mukthi (awakening or enlightenment)?

Bhagavan: See, basically my teaching is this: though you have been taught some sadhanas and some teachings, as far as Mukthi is concerned no sadhana or any teaching will take you to Mukthi. That is why I insist that all sadhanas and teachings must ultimately be dumped into the wastepaper basket. They just will not help you where Mukthi is concerned.

They can prepare you for it.

It can be any teaching of Ramana Maharshi, Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, Buddha’s teaching; any teaching for that matter will not take you to Mukthi. Ramakrishna’s disciples did not become enlightened, nor did Ramana Maharshi’s disciples. Buddha’s disciples did not become enlightened. So teachings can’t give you enlightenment, no technique or sadhana can give you enlightenment. That must be understood very clearly through the yajna (ceremony of worship and prayer) you have attended.

At best what can happen is there can be a pursuit of enlightenment, a temptation to achieve Mukthi and some clarity. I always maintain that with psychology and philosophy: any teaching will fall under these two categories.

They will at best help to bring about transformation within the mind. That’s all. Like we can rearrange the furniture in this room; but they’ll still remain. So, we can do some kind of a decoration inside. We can bring some kind of happiness, get over some problems, adjust and readjust. Sadhanas can take you deeper and deeper into you consciousness but going deep into your consciousness is not Mukthi. Rearranging your mental structure and framework, having improved relationship, better success in the world, all this is not Mukthi.

Mukthi is to be completely free of the mind itself. That, no teaching, no technique can give you. It is because it is not a psychological process; it is not a philosophical process; it is not a meditative process. It is a neurobiological phenomenon.

Fundamental changes must occur in your physical brain. That is why I tell you, do not follow any teaching. Then you become a second-hand human being. If you try to follow Jesus Christ, you will become a second-hand human being. Jesus Christ could love the whole humanity. Can you love like Him? Jesus Christ says “love thy neighbor as thyself.” You can’t do it. He can do it because his brain is wired differently, but if you try to talk like Jesus Christ, you’ve had it.

Ramakrishna can be jumping in ecstasy and dancing away. Unless your kundalini is awakened you can’t do that. If you try to copy Ramakrishna you become a second-hand human being. His brain wiring is different. Ramana Maharshi can ask, “Who am I?” If you do the same you will go mad and end up in the mental asylum. That’s why I, and Oneness, are anti-teachings.

You become a second hand human being. You develop conflict within yourself. You are something. You want to be something else: a Christ or a Ramana or a Sri Aurobindo. What not! You can read all their books, you can do all that, but you will not move an inch. Maybe you will get some clarity. Maybe you will feel nice. “Ah, I’m doing this sadhana.” You’ll feel more secure. These benefits are there, but they will not take you to Mukthi.

Very often they induce conflict because you can only be yourself. How can you be something else? However much you can try how could you be something else? You cannot become. That is the illusion from which one must become free.

So, what I am telling is, whatever you are, just accept that. When you accept it, there is no conflict. When there is no conflict there is plenty of energy. When you have energy, you see what is going on inside. You get joy. This is why, when all of you go back home, please fully experience that pain.

Physical pain itself will become bliss. Sincerely experience all psychological pain. If you fully experience, it becomes joy. Don’t try to escape. If you try to escape from pain, you are putting it under that carpet. After sometime it starts stinking. That is what most people are doing. They never confront their pain. Somebody dies in your family, you lose your job or some other problem, but you don’t experience the pain. You run away from the pain through television, movies, going to a friend’s house, doing some puja (devotional ceremony). This is what is called “sorrow management.” It is good up to a point, but certainly it will not rid you of pain.

So, what you must learn from the Oneness courses is how to confront this pain. What I am telling is like this: suppose a tiger enters this room, most of you would climb up the fan and hang on there! What I am telling is that “hanging from the fan” is really painful because the tiger is here and you are hanging on there. I am telling, “come down from the fan and let the tiger eat you.” If you are eaten the pain is gone. Allow the pain to eat you. The pain is the tiger. See what happens. It will become joy.

Suppose there is intense jealousy in you. Jealousy itself is pain. You know how painful it is. So instead of saying “I will try to be non-jealous, kind and loving”; all this is false. You are you. You have jealousy, violence, hatred. All the doshas (mind and body types) are there inside you.

So confront it. I am not telling you be that or this. No. Be what you are. This is the purpose of this particular yajna that you have attended, to help you discover who you are. Like Ramana who said, “Who am I?” But his discovery is something else. Your discovery would be that you are a Ravana (a demon king in Hindu mythology). All the useless things in the world are inside you. That will be your discovery. That does not take much time. But people don’t like that. You would like to have a nice image about yourself. It is all nicely covered up. But If you dig you will see only rubbish.

So confront that rubbish. It is there. Then accept it, since it is there. How can you run away from it? It is painful, but behold it and suddenly there will be joy. Where there is joy there will be no dosha. A happy man cannot cause pain to others. Only an unhappy man or wife will cause pain to husband or wife. Unhappy children will cause pain to their parents, unhappy employees will cause pain to employer.

Unhappy people spread misery. Happy people cannot cause pain. If people are happy they cannot do anything wrong. They are happy therefore they cannot do anything wrong. It is unhappy people who land into trouble, who become ultimately thieves, criminals, etc. So the basic thing is there must be a minimum of happiness and true happiness comes when you confront yourself.

You are always saying “I am afraid of that person.” That is not true. Basically, you are afraid of yourself. If you lose fear of yourself you lose fear of everything else including Veerapan (India’s most wanted killer and outlaw caught in 2004).

If a Buddha were there he would simply go and talk to Veerapan, like he went and spoke to Angulimala (a ruthless killer who converted to Buddhism), since he had no fear. You are afraid of yourself because you do not love yourself. On the other hand you say, “I must overcome my fear, I must love somebody. You do not love yourself, that is the situation. So as you go inside yourself you will discover how you are.

So, accept. Once you start accepting, you start loving yourself. You will find there is a tremendous job that can be achieved in twenty-eight days of practice. This is easy. If it is difficult I would not talk about it. Twenty-eight days of practice and you will find it is like breathing. It is very natural and easy to go deep into yourself, to discover and to accept, to love yourself and convert suffering into joy.

If you do that your family will be excellent. The moment you see your husband or wife you will go into joy. When he or she sees you there will be joy. Your homes will become temples. That is when you are ready for Mukthi. Mukthi, as I told you is a neurological phenomenon. Nobody has by following any teaching, ever become enlightened, since they have been thinking it is a psychological or philosophical process.

Teachings are within the mind. Becoming free from the mind is enlightenment. That is when you are truly free.

Sri Bhagavan webcast June 28 with Russians

Saturday, June 30th, 2012

June 28 Interview with Sri Bhagavan and Russians
Namaste Bhagavan!
Sri Bhagavan: Namaste!
Question 1:
Namaste dear Bhagavan! It is difficult for me to define my question. I am in some kind of a strange state. I don’t want anything. I don’t need anything. I feel bad, but I don’t want to do anything about it. I don’t know whether it is an apathy or acceptance. I don’t want to work nor do I want to loaf around. I want to open up myself and realize where I want to occupy myself, to discover what I would like to do in life, what would bring me pleasure. I can’t find answers to these questions. I am lost. Please help me with this, dear Bhagavan.

Sri Bhagavan: Actually you are in a very good state, but if you try to change it you will go into a terrible state. Oneness is not about becoming this or becoming that. Oneness is all about staying with the “what is.” The truth is this is your condition. You’ve got to stay there, accept it, embrace it. Staying with it, accepting it, embracing it is the process. Once that happens the Presence enters you and takes over. Thereafter it is all automatic. I will help you.

Question 2:
Dear Bhagavan! You have always said that 2012 is a very special year for awakening. Please tell us, when this year ends, will that signify that our chances for awakening are diminished? And you also say that in Oneness awakening is a benediction and our role is just make no resistance to the Divine. Dear Bhagavan, please help us see how the inner resistance happens so that this hindrance gets resolved and our awakening happens this year. Thank You so much.

Sri Bhagavan: 1989 was the year when the Golden Age got conceived. 2012 is the birth of the Golden Age, like a child. By [the end of] 2012, 70,000 people will be awakened. Thereafter awakening becomes faster and faster. By 2035, so many people will be awakened that we could very will say all are awakened. When we say all are awakened, it does not mean actually everybody will be awakened. What it means is the vast majority of people will be awakened. In 2035, the Golden age becomes a young lad. Thereafter it keeps growing for another thousand years; thereafter we may become another species. So awakening is going to become easier after 2012. 2012 is the delivery of the child called Golden Age.

Question 3:
Namaste dear Bhagavan! You teach us that “this body is not mine,” but then who is suffering and experiencing the pain in the body. This physical pain doesn’t let one concentrate on the prayer or meditation. The pain wears me out, it limits my abilities, obscures my consciousness and impedes the awakening; that is that’s me who is suffering, isn’t it. If I am not this body, if this body is not mine, then why do I suffer from this physical pain in the body? Please dear Bhagavan, could you tell me what I am doing wrong and what is the right way? And if it is possible, please bless me to be healed. I am grateful to You for everything, my beloved Bhagavan.

Sri Bhagavan: If you clearly realize your body is not your body, then there is no physical suffering for you. But for you that is not the truth. For you the truth is your body is your body. That being the case, when the body suffers you suffer because you identified yourself with the body. But when you realize your body is not your body, your mind is not your mind, your thoughts are not your thoughts then there is no suffering. You cannot get there through any effort. It has to happen to you. When it happens to you, you discover who you are. You will discover that you are the Universe itself; that you are everything that you call yourself; that is the Oneness we are talking about.

Question 4:
Dear Bhagavan! I am not able to talk to my Divine. I am talking, but Divine is not answering neither directly nor through signs. The Divine seems to be busy, and He isn’t answering as to why there is no answer. I started feeling lonely because of that. I also don’t know what is the right way to pray because no one taught me. Also, I don’t understand whether it is correct to ask the Divine for something material. Doesn’t the Divine know better what I really want and need? Thank You!

Sri Bhagavan: You have got to interact with the Divine. You must learn to talk to the Divine like you talk to a person. Please try it during a Oneness Meditation. Once the Presence comes in, it will automatically start. You cannot hand over everything to the Divine and say “the Divine will take care of” – No. You and the Divine have got to interact together to create whatever you want. Of course, the Divine knows better, but you must interact. You get what you want. If you are indifferent, the Divine also will be indifferent. You and the Divine are two ends of the same reality. Interaction is a must. So please maintain a notebook where you record all your interactions and keep attending Oneness Meditations.

Question 5:
Namaste Dear Bhagavan! Thousands of people are taking part in Oneness Meditations across the whole ex-Soviet countries. People are reporting about their awakened states. Some have just started noticing their new ways of perceiving life, their inner harmony. Some have been experiencing different awakened states so regularly that they are no longer afraid of losing them. For me, this whole process is nothing else but a great miracle unfolding. But I have a question. We have been so enthusiastic in participating in Oneness Meditations that we have almost forgotten about other courses Oneness University offers. Could you please throw some light on how, for instance, the Deepening Process and the Trainers Course can help us on our way towards awakening; what is their relevance at this stage? With love and gratitude.

Sri Bhagavan: In India, there is a tradition where even if you are awakened you are sent to teachers to acquire knowledge. Even if you become awakened, you must go to a Oneness Trainer and attend a course on awakening. Without that knowledge you’d be highly incomplete. Similarly Oneness Meditation is a part of Oneness Deepening. Oneness Deepening, especially the new Oneness Deepening, is a vastly great course. It transforms you into lighthouses who will ascend (sound not clear? Perhaps he said be sentinels) to awakening. So Oneness Meditation does not mean you do not attend other programs. It’s a powerful program it should help you to attend other programs.

Question 6:
Beloved Bhagavan! We are expressing our gratitude to You for this wonderful process of Oneness Meditation. It has been giving apparent results – real experiences of awakening. In every OM more and more people are sharing such experiences. It’s unbelievable! It’s incredible! But there are others who are struggling to notice their experiences so far, to acknowledge them, though they also report that they happen to have some glimpses of awakened states. Could you please tell us how trainers can efficiently help and guide people in that respect? And how should we, ourselves, move forward in this process so that it is easier for us to identify and acknowledge the awakened states without getting frightened of the unusual experiences happening? Thank you so much.

Sri Bhagavan: The Oneness Meditation is the result of an increase in Grace. The power of the Grace will be growing much, much more in the coming weeks and months. The Oneness Meditation will become extremely powerful in the coming months. The trainers will be in a position to polish off these people.

[Could you please repeat we lost you for a while?]

Sri Bhagavan: Yes. If someone attends a Oneness Meditation and then comes to a Oneness Awakening Course, you will be able to nicely polish them. If they are merely satisfied with their state then it’s okay. But if they want to have understanding and further growth, they must attend an Awakening Course. That is why you have been trained to be trainers. We will be training you more.

Question 7:
Namaste Dear Bhagavan! We have heard recently about the transfer of the Presence. Could You please tell us more about it. How can Deeksha givers and non-Deeksha givers take part in it? How does the process of transferring of the Presence happen? Is there any difference in giving an intent Deeksha and transferring the Presence? Thank You!

Sri Bhagavan: Many people are confusing the Oneness Meditation with eye Deeksha. Oneness Meditation is not eye Deeksha. Oneness Meditation is being given by people chosen by the Divine. Oneness Meditation could be given also by touch. It could be given through the eyes. It could be given through intent. The three modes through which the Grace is transferred is: touch, sight, and intent. Oneness Meditation is using sight and intent. But it should not be confused with eye Deeksha.

Complete the question I lost the question.

Question 7 Repeated: How can Deeksha givers and non-Deeksha givers take part in transferring the Presence? How does the process of transferring of the Presence happen? Is there any difference in giving an intent Deeksha and transferring the Presence?

Sri Bhagavan: Oneness Meditation can be given only by those chosen by the Divine. What they give is something very, very special. But giving the Presence anybody could do. Anybody who is having the Presence could transfer the Presence to another either through touch, sight or intent. If you go to a Oneness Meditation, you are most likely to get the Presence. But let us say you come to some Deeksha from somebody, you got the Presence, and then go to a Oneness Meditation, it will be extremely powerful. The mere transferring of the Presence anybody could do. If A has got the Presence, he could transfer it to B through touch, sight or intent. B could transfer it to C. C could transfer it to D, and it could go to the last man on the planet. That is how the planet is going to be covered.

Question 8:
Dear Beloved Bhagavan! Since I came to know You and the Oneness University my life has become a sheer miracle, and there are no words, dear Father, to express my gratitude for all You’ve been doing! During the OMs it happens so as if I am becoming a different being, whose ability to feel and perceive this world is completely different. It is hard to find words which can depict these experiences. They are like very subtle tinges of love, tenderness, compassion, awe and wonder. Dear Bhagavan, could You please tell us what is it that is happening to us? How can we hold onto these states and reproduce them any moment we want to? Thank You so much!

Sri Bhagavan: What is happening to you in the Oneness Meditation is you actually receive the Presence. Acceptance, the absence of conflict, love, joy, compassion – all these are qualities of the Presence. When you get the Presence, you also get these qualities. They are not your qualities. They are qualities of the Presence. But what you must do is you must anchor the Presence. You could use sight, sound, smell or touch to anchor the Presence. By frequently using the anchor, you could frequently move into the Presence.

Once the Presence has become quite strong then you must ask the Presence “please stop my mind.” As you keep doing it your mind will stop. The mind will stop very frequently thereafter. And finally it will stop for long durations of time. After that it’s all over. You become awakened. Thereafter you become one with the Presence. That is God Realization. But all that happens automatically. All that you must get is the Presence. Once you get it, you will know how to get it more frequently. You’ve done all that you could possibly do.

The teachings we’ve already given you. These teachings will be made a reality by the Presence. These teachings are not to be practiced. They cannot be practiced. When we say “accept your Father,” it does mean you pray and accept your father. All that it means is acceptance of your father must happen. And only the Presence could make it happen. Your accepting your father is quite artificial . That won’t carry you far. The maximum you could do is you could stay with the “what is.” That is the process. The Presence has to come in. When the Presence comes in the teaching becomes reality. That is why it is important you either go to a Oneness Awakening course before you go to a Oneness Meditation, or you go to a Oneness Awakening Course after you’ve gone to a Oneness Meditation.

The Presence will bring a teaching to a reality. For example, the teaching is: your thoughts are not your thoughts, your body is not your body, your mind is not your mind. Are these a reality to you? Can you make it happen? No, not at all. Once the Presence comes in strongly, it happens. The key is getting the Presence, and Oneness Meditation is very powerful in giving you the Presence. Soon our Oneness Meditators could start giving lectures. That will make things very, very clear. Things are going to move very, very fast, very, very soon.

Question 9:
Dear Bhagavan! Please tell us, if the person who is attending the Oneness Meditations is not familiar with such notions as connection with the Divine, passion for Awakening, inner integrity, and good relationships but the person is intuitively searching for the inner freedom, can he become awakened? Thank You.

Sri Bhagavan: Yes, anything is possible.

Question 10:
Dear Bhagavan, is it relevant nowadays to stay in the dark room, the sacred space, after a webcast with you? What is the best way to meet the Presence and during what time? What are the possible ways for Presence to reveal itself? Thank You very much!

Sri Bhagavan: Being in a dark room would definitely help in acquiring the Presence. The best time to acquire Presence would be Indian Standard Time, Sundays, 12:00 to 1:30.

Question 11:
Dear Bhagavan! I have regrets that I missed so many things in my life. Are these desires hindering my enlightenment? Thank You!

Sri Bhagavan: Please repeat the question.

Question 11 Repeated: Dear Bhagavan! I have regrets that there are many things in my life which I missed. That many desires did not get fulfilled. Are these desires hindering my awakening and enlightenment? (not fulfilled desires.)

Sri Bhagavan: What you’ve got to do is you’ve got to stay with your frustration and discontent. You should not try to move away from it. You’re unfulfilled and there’s great pain in you. Stay with the pain, experience the pain, and go to a Oneness Meditation. The Presence will do the rest.

Question 12:
Dear Bhagavan, I can see that I’m having very strong attachments/affections in life, which are making me suffer a lot. How does attachment differ from love? Thank You!

Sri Bhagavan: Attachment and love are very different. When you are there, there is attachment. When you are gone, there is love. You cannot try to get that love. That happens when the mind stops, and the mind stops when the Presence comes in.

Question 13:
Dear Bhagavan! If children are born awakened, how does the mind start controlling them after? Does it happen naturally on its own or is it influenced by the way they are brought up by their parents when different concepts are imposed? Since the whole upbringing in the society is based on comparisons like: big and small, good and bad, etc., and how will children become awakened? Will they have to grow up first so that their consciousness can expand or will they be able to get awakened through their parents, or in any other way? Thank You!

Sri Bhagavan: Children are born awakened. Then around the age 4 or 5 or 6 they lose their awakening. Their being born awakened then losing it is because of genetic programming. And matters are made worse by social conditioning. However, as more and more people become awakened, it will be very easy for children to be awakened. Already we have met some children who are awakened. It will happen very fast among children.

Thank You Bhagavan! Thank You so much! That was the last question.

Sri Bhagavan: Thank you all so much. Shall we meditate for a few minutes?

Yes, Yes, Bhagavan!

Bhagavan speaks to Russians about Oneness Mediation March 2012

Friday, March 30th, 2012

Gratitude Maria Bernett for posting this on, to Mattias Eriksson for the original video posting and to Krisztina Petrics-Nyitray for the subtitled video.
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Gratitude to Mattias Eriksson for the original video posting and to Krisztina Petrics-Nyitray for the subtitled video.

Oneness Russia: Dear Bhagavan we have received alot of birthday wishes for you and I would like to wish you a Happy Birthday from all of us. Our deep, heartfelt gratitude from all of us for the new, powerful deeksha, the Oneness Meditation, for everything you have been doing for each and every one. We all would like to become awakened and we all wish to be useful and helpful in fulfilling your vision of 2012 for the whole of humanity. My personal gratitude to you, dear Bhagavan, and my humble prostrations.
Question: Good afternoon Global Divine. I thank you for the chance to have a direct guidance from you. After the deepening process my energies got settled. But right now I have got the state that I don’t know how to fulfill myself in life: trying to listen and understand my heart to choose the right direction. But I have got the feeling that I am trapped and I can’t escape from all of that. That causes suffering and disappointment in life. Sri AmmaBhagavan, my gratitude for your limitless love and Divine presence.
Bhagavan: The Oneness Meditation released in 2012 is a very special process. All that has happened to you until now is a preparation. All you have to do is to attend 5 or 6 Oneness Meditations. Your problem would be solved. This applies to all people who are stuck somewhere. All would be able to reach their goal through the Oneness Meditation. All that is happening to you, that happened to you, is a preparation for this.
Question: Dear Bhagavan, since I started receiving and later giving Oneness deekshas myself … (no sound)……It’s an agonizing condition. Sometimes I feel intense disgust and hatred against life and it seems to grow. How to go above it, Bhagavan? Thank you.
Bhagavan: Your process has reached such a point where if you attend 6 or 7 Oneness Meditations you’d be soon awakened.
Question: Dear Bhagavan, when we ask about fulfilling something in our prayers is it enough to ask the Divine just once, or ask over and over again until the question is answered?
Bhagavan: It is enough to ask once. It is important that you maintain a notebook and see if the prayer is being answered or not. If the prayer is not being answered, you should not repeat that prayer, but put in a new prayer. You must make use of the teachings to formulate the correct prayer. Every correct prayer would be answered.
(Note: see link at end of transcript for specific instructions about the prayer notebook.)
Question: When I don’t keep asking about the awakening constantly, it seems that the process has stopped. Is it so?
Bhagavan: You need not keep asking for awakening because the process is on for all of you. You may not even be aware of it, but it is continuing. At the end of 2012 most people would be awakened or at least in awakened states.
Question: Dear Bhagavan, why does this state of deep, melancholy grief emerge, where the tears come down when I see that nothing changes. It seems that I am good for nothing, that all my hope of awakening is just a fantasy. How to overcome that, Bhagavan?
Bhagavan: You are in fact ready for awakening.
Question: Dear Bhagavan, with regards to the word integrity, it’s kind of clear. But about the inner integrity it’s not completely clear. You say that if we practice inner integrity it will help to become enlightened. And what is inner integrity? Is it not to lie to ourselves, not to break some rules? And if I break something is it not to justify myself? And if it is impossible to stop all that, as far as I got it, inner integrity is the main thing. Practicing it we can change our life. Could you tell us about inner integrity in detail?
Bhagavan: Inner integrity is to see what is going on inside you without the mind justifying things.
Question: Tell me please Bhagavan, does my spiritual evolution influence my near and dear?
Bhagavan: Your spiritual evolution not only influences your near and dear ones, but also a large number of people whom you may never know in life.
Question: Dear Bhagavan, I am 61. Could it be a reason for the fact that my mind cannot be declutched and witnessing of the mind doesn’t happen to me? Dear Bhagavan, what should I do to help myself to master concentration? When I experience some problem, silence and serenity comes. But I don’t become compassionate and loving after that. I become indifferent to problems of others. What do I do wrong at the moment of experiencing?
Bhagavan: You need not do anything. Please go to the Oneness Meditation, the Divine would definitely help you.
Question: Hello Bhagavan. Why no doctors and healers, and practices fail to help me? Why nothing changes in my life and if I don’t have any life. No events are happening and nothing is changing for years and decades. I can’t break through the dead wall in my life. It seems that I live the life of somebody else; that I have somebody else’s diseases, obsessed with somebody else’s thoughts and emotional conditions. I feel I am a zombie, bio-robot, not a human being. There is not any real hope in my life. For how long is it going to continue?
Bhagavan: It will all change very, very soon.
Question: Namaste, beloved Bhagavan. Why don’t those few changes happen in the world which you have predicted? Just some interest in deeksha and Oneness is only seen. While we conduct a workshop everybody is delighted. But afterwards, people get back into their shells. What do I do Bhagavan?
Bhagavan: Things are beginning to change all over the planet. More and more people are getting awakened very fast now.
Question: Dear Bhagavan, many, various doubts come up. I work them out as you teach us and they are gone. But one doubt or rather fear is there always. What if nothing happens in 2012, which all of us are waiting for so much? What if everything will remain the same like now: these financial schemes of dependency, the total bondage of man with endless wars and borders? What if nothing happens with me and with the planet. I ask you for an answer dear avatar. I’m sorry for my impatience to look into the future at the end of 2012. I love you very much. Thank you.
Bhagavan: Our vision for 2012 is that 70,000 people must be awakened. Now it looks like it is going to be achieved by end of 2012. The kind of changes you ask for would happen thereafter.
Question: Dear beloved Bhagavan, is awakening possible only when all the charges are experienced by us?
Bhagavan: At the center of your being is fear. Though I use the word fear, it contains thousands of fears. One fear may translate as cancer. Now if we dissolve that fear, cancer would be gone. If we dissolve that fear in one minute, cancer would dissolve in one minute. If we take six months to dissolve that fear, then it would take six months for the cancer to disappear.
The same thing applies to all ailments. Not only that, but all problems. A particular fear translates itself as financial problems. Another fear as relationship problems and some fears prevent you from becoming awakened. These fears are nothing but charges. We do not have to be free of all charges to be awakened. We have to be only free of that fear which is preventing you from being awakened. Once that fear is dissolved, you’d become awakened.
In fact, whenever we help you we a financial problem or a health problem we dissolve the corresponding fear through deeksha and through various other methods. For example, the homas are one way of dissolving these fears. So you do not have to be free of all traumas to be awakened.
Question: Dear Bhagavan, we are having the Oneness Meditations help, and I am taking part in that with lots of joy. Something truly beautiful is happening to me during these new powerful deekshas. Thank you so much for that. Could you please tell us more about Oneness Meditation? How do you see this process? How does the Oneness Meditation help the process of awakening? How can we help this process if we, ourselves are not initiated? Do we have to attend a Oneness awakening course or any other Oneness courses? Or is it enough just to participate in the Oneness Meditation? How often is it recommended to attend the Oneness Meditation? Our deepest gratitude to you our beloved Bhagavan.
Bhagavan: Those who conduct Oneness Meditation are not selected by a Dasa, they are not selected by the University, they are not selected by AmmaBhagavan. Through a very special process they are directly selected by the Divine. So far only a few people have been selected. Sometimes even awakened people have been not selected. We do not know on what basis the Divine selects. But among the selected people, your country has the highest number of people.
If you are well prepared then in a single Oneness Meditation you can become awakened. If you are not well prepared, in 6 or 7 Oneness Meditations you could become awakened. You would first move into awakened states and mostly after 6 months you would be fully awakened. Every month we conduct this process where the Divine might reveal some names. It is not based on your quality or qualifications. We have no role in this whatsoever. The Divine selects you and the Divine flows through you, and the Divine does everything. All of you would soon make it, don’t worry!
Question: Namaste dear Bhagavan. Happy birthday! With regards to Oneness Meditation, Bhagavan, how do the experiences differ of those who transfer it and of those who receive it? Do we have to be in prayer while in the Oneness Meditation? With love and gratitude to you. Pranam.
Bhagavan: All that you must do is you must have a sense of sacredness and keep looking into the eyes of the meditator. That’s all.
Question: Dear Bhagavan, there is so much silence and the utmost silent joy inside. This whole process in an incomprehensible mystery for me. Thank you for this new deeksha in which all of us take part for this grand collective process. Everyone discovers it in their own way. Endless gratitude to you Bhagavan. There are more and more people joining Oneness Meditations, and more and more people are helping to organize, set up and conduct the Oneness Meditations.
It is quite easy to organize and to conduct them because the major work is done by the Divine. For the introduction and….of the Oneness Meditation…will be held by the organizers. Could you please help them and tell what will be a good way to prepare people before this meditation? What they should tell? What to focus on, while preparing people? Maybe you can tell us something about what happens during Oneness Meditation. How does it help the process of awakening?
Bhagavan: If you could contemplate and review your life for half an hour it would be very, very helpful.
Oneness Russia: Thank you, Bhagavan.
Bhagavan: We shall now meditate.
Bhagavan: Love you all, love you.
Oneness Russia: We love you Bhagavan, also. So much.
Bhagavan: Namaste.
Oneness Russia: Namaste.
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