Sacred Chambers Consent Form

TO participate in the Sacred Chambers, or 3 Chamber Process you will be required to sign the form below prior to beginnign the process. I will have a copy for you to sign when you arrive at my home for the process.
Thank you,

Acknowledgment and Informed Consent

This Acknowledgement and Informed Consent (the “Agreement”) applies to the following Courses authorized by Oneness University: The Oneness Blessing®; the Mukthi Deeksha ProcessTM; the 64 Deeksha ProcessTM; Oneness Bhakti YogaTM; The Oneness Wealth ProcessTM, Arogya DeekshaTM, the Oneness MeditationTM, the 3 Chamber ProcessTM, Oneness Awakening CourseTM whether offered under these or any other name, on its own or in conjunction with another course authorized by Oneness University or as part of any process, course or program authorized by Oneness University and being offered by a Oneness Trainer or, where authorized by Oneness University, a Oneness Blessing Giver, including without limitation any course authorized by Oneness University from time to time after execution of this Agreement (referred to herein individually and collectively as the “Courses”).

I hereby request and consent to receive any and all of the Courses. I am legally responsible for the underage person(s) also listed separately below and also request and give my consent for them to receive the Courses.

INFORMED CONSENT: I understand that none of the Courses constitute a medical practice, medical procedure or medical discipline of any kind and that they are not offered to me as a treatment for any specific disease or medical condition, whether mental or physical. I understand that none of the Courses in which I may participate are a substitute in any way for treatments ordinarily administered by health professionals for physiological or psychological complaints, and that neither Oneness University nor any employees, representatives or agents of Oneness University nor any independent individuals or organizations authorized by Oneness University to conduct any of the Courses, including, without limitation, any Oneness Trainer or Blessing Giver or person assisting them (all such organizations and individuals mentioned in this sentence hereinafter referred to as “Facilitators”) give, under any circumstances, advice on medical or psychological treatments. I acknowledge that no medical representations of any kind have been made or given to me and I agree to hold harmless and not hold legally responsible in any way any Facilitator for any difficulty I (or any underage person for whom I am responsible) may experience either during or after the Processes as a result of any pre-existing medical or mental condition or otherwise.

I understand that the Courses may require touching of my head by a Oneness Trainer or Oneness Blessing Giver, and I consent to such touching. Additionally, I understand that the Courses may involve significant and potentially uncomfortable or challenging psychological and/or emotional experiences, and I acknowledge that the nature, and possibility of my having, such experiences has been fully explained to me, and I fully and knowledgeably consent to assuming any risks of any such experiences, should they occur. I understand that I have the right to ask the Oneness Trainer or Oneness Blessing Giver any questions I may have about the Courses or about the qualifications of the Oneness Trainer or Oneness Blessing Giver, and to discontinue the Courses at any time.
If I decide to share with the Oneness Trainer or Oneness Blessing Giver any results from my experiences with the Courses, this information may be retained by the Oneness Trainer, Oneness Blessing Giver and/or Oneness University and shared (but only on an anonymous basis) with researchers or made public.

My decision to participate in any of the Courses is based solely on my personal experience, if any, with the Oneness Blessing and other Oneness programs and Courses and I acknowledge that no Facilitator has influenced me to enter into this Agreement or participate in these Courses or promised, stated, or warranted to me that the Courses will provide any benefits or particular results. I acknowledge that my participation in any of these Courses is for self-development and personal enrichment, and affirm that I freely and voluntarily choose to participate in the Courses.

I shall comply with all rules and regulations associated with the Courses and will conduct myself in a manner that will not disrupt the smooth functioning of the Courses.

I acknowledge that all of the “Facilitators” are dedicated to benefiting the individual, society and the world, and that they devote substantial resources and energy to fulfill these valuable purposes. I desire to ensure that the activities of these Facilitators are not hindered by the expense and other burdens involved in defending legal proceedings. I agree that the Facilitators shall not be liable for any claims based on any negligent or non-intentional acts or omissions or damages of any nature arising out of my participation in the Courses now or in the future, including, without limitation, those that may be associated with the Courses themselves or any real or personal property used by a Facilitator in connection with any of the Courses and I agree not to bring any legal actions against any Facilitator for any such claims. I release the Facilitators from all such claims and damages, and for all breaches of expressed and implied warranties (including warranty of merchantability). Any Facilitator shall be entitled to enforce this provision of this Agreement by injunctive relief as well as be entitled to any other legal or equitable remedy.

I hereby acknowledge that by participating in the Courses I will be exposed to certain information, knowledge or teachings (“Knowledge”). This Knowledge constitutes information that is provided to me for my own understanding and is provided to me only in the unique circumstances under which the Courses are conducted. I understand that the Facilitators have not undertaken through these Courses to train me as a teacher or instructor with respect to any of the Knowledge and I agree that I will not represent myself to the public in any manner at any time as a teacher or instructor trained by Oneness University or any of its affiliates, unless I have successfully completed such other courses as they may offer that are expressly designed to train me for such purposes. I hereby agree to not attempt to compile and distribute the Knowledge to the public by website, email, printed matter or by any electronic or other means.

This Agreement shall constitute on my part a continuing consent and shall be applicable to any Courses I might receive at any future event authorized by Oneness University unless and until I provide any duly qualified Oneness Blessing Giver or Oneness Trainer and/or Oneness University with a duly notarized written withdrawal of this consent. I have read, or someone has read to me, this consent. I have also had an opportunity to ask questions about its content, and by signing below I agree to all of the above.

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This consent also applies to the following underage persons: __________________________ _________________________ in my capacity as _______________ (i.e. parent, guardian, etc.).