Dec. 14 Skype with Sri Bhagavan and Germany

SKYPE with Germany
December 14, 2014

Dear Bhagavan, how can I find my way and follow my heart in my daily life with all its challenges? Thank you, Bhagavan.

Sri Bhagavan: You cannot discover your path or follow your path, until you drop all paths. When we say ‘drop all paths’, it does not mean you simply drop it like that. You must follow any path intensely, until it drops off. Only at that point of time, you truly discover your path. And the moment you discover your path your heart naturally follows that.

Dear Bhagavan, recently you talked about the 64 flowers of the Oneness phenomenon. The flower of 2014 is wealth and abundance. What is the flower for 2015?

Sri Bhagavan: For 2015, it will be revealed in the month of July 2015.

Dear Bhagavan, in the Webcast with Russia you said that, depending on our society, at any given point of time, some would be the so-called good people and some the so-called bad people. If all these things are fixed, why do we work for a better world? Thank you very much for your explanations, Bhagavan.

Sri Bhagavan: At low levels of consciousness the so called bad people are more and the so called good people are less. But as levels of consciousness go up, the so called good people become more and the so called bad people come down.

Many people regularly come together in Oneness programs, courses or events to raise the level of consciousness. Is there anything special or an important element which should always be part of these meetings? Thank you, Bhagavan.

Sri Bhagavan: When you come together you must not judge the other and there must be total acceptance of the other. That is whatever they are, they must be totally accepted. And you must come together in friendship. These three are crucial factors, and you will get very good results to the program.

Dear Bhagavan, what about Karma of awakened people? In the Deepening Process we have learned that an awakened one has no personal Karma any more. But what happens if he or she creates good or bad Karma? Please give us some clarity. Thank you, Bhagavan.

Sri Bhagavan: Whether awakened or not, you cannot escape the past Karma nor the present Karma. But for the awakened person there is no such thing as personal suffering if he has suffering, but it is not personal. That is the only difference. Karma is a natural law and nobody is controlling it. It is more like the laws of physic and chemistry.

What is humility?

Sri Bhagavan: When you realize you are dependently arising and dependently ceasing, that is total humility.

Bhagavan, please give us, the German Oneness community, a vision for 2015. Thank you!

Sri Bhagavan: You must come together on a regular basis, not existentially physically, but being in your own houses, the same day, the same time, every month, and you must take up the issues of people. You could sit before your laptop and you could show the faces of people, having ailments like cancer or whatever ailment, and you must do the art of collectively giving Deeksha to all these people you see on the screen, the same day, the same time, and you will get the feedback about the results.

And then you must slowly move to things like financial problems or other ailments: not able to get a life partner or not able to get a child or wanting success. To all issues you must all collectively take an intent and collectively give Deeksha to the people on the screen. For so far we have been giving Deeksha individually, now you must become a collective group and a group of love who give Deeksha. And then you give Deeksha to the issues of your country, take these issues, take an intent and give Deeksha to the map of your country. So you become a collective body and you soon realize that you (…) and become enormous power. (…)

What is the exact role of the women in the Golden Age? What will be their task? Thank you, Bhagavan.

Sri Bhagavan: The role of women would be the setting right of relationships and the creation of a new generation of human beings.

The screen is blank, but I can feel you and I am able to hear you clearly.

Beloved Sri Bhagavan, one of your teachings says that God has no form, no name and no qualities. We create a God with form, a name and qualities. On the other hand you speak about light, unconditional love, joy and bliss as divine qualities. Is there a loving creative force behind all forms of existence or do we really just create it by our imagination?

Sri Bhagavan: In Oneness there is no creator ‘God’, the creator and creation are one in Oneness. But there is also universal consciousness, which is not the creator. This universal consciousness has no qualities or form, nor any name. But it embodies all qualities. Like a tree is embedded in the seed, all qualities are embedded in this universal consciousness. You cannot relate to it in its entirety. You could draw out certain qualities from this universal consciousness. What you draw out is your personal God and it depends on you. You cannot be a pity person and create a big God, it´s not possible.

If you have grown, you then could draw out many qualities from this universal consciousness. What you draw out becomes your personal God, and you make use of your personal God for your benefits, it could be worldly benefits or spiritual benefits. Just like you make use of solar energy you could make use of your personal God for your own benefit. As you keep doing this, you grow and as you grow your God grows. And the bond between you and your God keeps increasing.

And finally, when you leave the planet, you become that God. Now, we know this for sure, because a number of people who were with us and who had the personal God and who are no more, they have become Gods and they work in the Temple. As they have become Gods, they have enormous power and they are helping people whenever they come to the Temple. And they have the power to go anywhere and help people. One of the objectives of Oneness is to make you into Gods who then serve humanity. Not only helping humanity while you are on the planet, but become your God and helping humanity. And you must be very clear, in Oneness there are neither a creator, creator ‘God’, nor judging God, nor a punishing God. In Oneness there is no God controlling your destiny. Your destiny is being controlled by your personal Karma, your family Karma, your nation`s Karma and humanity`s Karma. The laws of Karma control your destiny.

Dear Bhagavan, how can I realize if I am awakened? Thank you, Bhagavan.

Sri Bhagavan: When you are truly awakened, you know you are awakened.

Dear Bhagavan, the relationship with my mother always was quite difficult. Now since a few months she stopped talking to me. Can you give some advice? Thank you, Bhagavan,

Sri Bhagavan: Hold her in your heart, and inside your heart keep giving love to her. After a few weeks or months she will be different.

Bhagavan, my psychological suffering has become worse. What can I do, Bhagavan? Thank you, Bhagavan.

Sri Bhagavan: Keep seeing your psychological suffering as though it were somebody else’s. If you could do that, then you become free. To see is to be free. But, to see you must see it as though it were somebody else’s, not yours. Then true seeing happens. And then seeing is also freedom. You become free of what you see.

Beloved Bhagavan, how do I know when I talk to you in the Sacred Chambers, if it is really you who is answering or my mind? Thank you.

Sri Bhagavan: Ask for proof.

Beloved Bhagavan, what is still hindering me to have a relationship full of love with my husband and to live in Oneness with my children? What can I do, Bhagavan? Thank you, Bhagavan.

Sri Bhagavan: You have to realize that you are responsible for the mess. This does not mean that they are perfect. But you have to realize your contribution for the mess. That’s the first thing. When you realize that you are responsible, then there is a change of perception. This change of perception we call the flowering of intelligence. This intelligence would then guide you to how to respond. How that would be, we have no idea. But the responds would be perfect. So what is required is, you have got to realize from your side, that you are responsible. However, this does not mean that the other is perfect. What the other is, is of no importance.

I plan to combine the knowledge and experiences from Oneness with a business school to help business leaders and companies to awaken and transform. Can you give me some advice for this plan? Thank you, Bhagavan.

Sri Bhagavan: The most important thing to communicate is that whether you are a soldier or a business man or a professional or a bureaucrat: if you are doing what you are doing, then you are being spiritual. So the businessman must realize that if he is really doing his business, he is being spiritual. This insight would completely transform the business people attending your course.

How do I find my personal strength? Thank you, Bhagavan.

Sri Bhagavan: Look through your weakness. As you look through your weakness, at the end of it, there is this strength.

Group: We love you, Bhagavan!
?Guide: Bhagavan, people ask for special blessing to heal their health problems and relationship problems, Bhagavan.?
Bhagavan: Yes, all the blessings to solve all your problems.

Group: Thank you, Bhagavan!

Guide: Blessings for Christmas and a new year, Bhagavan.

Bhagavan: Great blessings for Christmas and a very, very happy new year to all of you.

Guide: They want to meditate with you, Bhagavan.

Bhagavan: Yes. Love you all, love you.

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