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Oneness Internet radio station, OnenessFM Internet Radio.

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After returning from the 28 day Deepening at Oneness University, Oneness trainer Patricia Keel was guided to launch this new platform for world-wide distribution of the Oneness Phenomenon, Oneness Internet Radio. The early stages of the station feature Patricia’s show, THE ONENESS PROGRAM, The station will eventually feature show hosts from around the world, who themselves have become deeply involved in sharing the Oneness Blessing and spreading the vision and energies of Oneness University in india. (

Patricia will launch the station with her own signature show, The ONENESS PROGRAM, which is a 2011 version of a live San Francisco-based program she and her partner, Roy Doughty hosted in 2007 and 2008. The new show’s format features interviews with more that 20 Oneness Trainers and Blessings Givers as well as music from Oneness musicians. Twice during the hour, Patricia and her guests will offer the Oneness Blessing to listeners. Tune in as these beautiful souls share about their personal experiences of awakening and transformation through the power of the Oneness Phenomenon.

Oneness and Poetry, one of the first shows to air, is a reunion with Poet and partner, Roy Doughty. Roy shares five poems on the show, and tells listeners about his new book of poems written during the time of his Mother’s passing, Clear Mo(u)rning.. There is a page on this website with the poems for listeners to enjoy.

You can download the new EBOOK version of Roy’s new Poetry collection: CLEAR MO(U)RNINGat

Other interviews include: Trainer, Angelika sharing her music and
Stuart Mooney and Jesse Somers Oneness Trainers from Santa Barbara and Ojai in southern California
Gail Wingfield from San Diego
Janet Eakin from Salt Lake City
Malaena Mullen, Brenda Pareja, Melanie Cahan, Maria Bernett from the LA Area.
Peter Beach, John Farman, Elizabeth Scherwenka from Marin County, CA
Debra Garver Trainer from Oklahoma City
Kerry Chinn, Intuitive healer from Sedona
Kyra Baehr, Unity minister and trainer from Houston
Olga, Olga and Mali, a grandmother, mother and daughter who are all Oneness Trainers from Mexico and the San Francisco Bay Area They offer Deeksha Blessing in Spanish
Maria Bernett, organizer of “Global Deeksha”
Brand New Oneness Blessing Givers Natalie and Errol from San Francisco.
Music Hour by Punna Wasu, Angelika, Jai Utal, Here II Here, and the Guides of Oneness University in a special Music Hour.
Matt Licata, Trainer and US Liaison to Oneness University, from Boulder
Julia Desmond of Aspen
Shazna Jai of Ashland, Oregon