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Thank you for listening to The Oneness Program. It is a produced by the Grace of the Divine. When I returned from the 28 day Deepening at Oneness University in India in February, 2011 I was guided to begin this internet radio Station. The intent is to to offer Oneness Blessings worldwide, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and to share stories of awakening. Back n 2008 Roy and I had a live radio show every week based in San Francisco on KEST. We loved dirving into the city early in the morning and offering the show LIVE and interacting with our listeners. We produced and sponsored that show ourselves for 18 months and spent $1,200 monthly. We didn’t chose to have commercials or promtions, we wanted a pure experience of the Oneness Blessing.

After I got the message in 2011 to host an internet radio station – not just one hour weekly show, but 24/7 Oneness blessings, I learned how to set up the station with the help of some friends, and began interviewing Oneness Trainers and Blessings Givers. In June of last year I also began a Oneness Program on formerly Oneness is spreading very fast with our new Oneness Meditation, and I am blessed to be travelling and offering this Grace of the Presence as a Oneness Meditator, and also webcasts on .

This radio station has been a labor of love: I do all the recording, editing and production. The station is offered commercial-free so that you can fully receive the Grace. I invite you to support my work with your donations of any amount. It is gratefully received.

My gratitude to all those who have been my guests on the shows and all of you who listen to the Oneness Program worldwide.