The energy of Oneness Prayer manifests itself in many ways: there are financial miracles, healing of the body and of relationships, increased sensory awareness, extra-sensory awareness, voices of Divine guidance, and so forth. In India, there have even been reports of miraculous weather phenomenon and other inexplicable mass-phenomonon. Sharing grace, expands grace for everyone, so we invite you to e-mail us your story for inclusion on this page.

One amazing manifestation associated with Oneness Prayer is the appearance of light orbs, which show up in digital photograph, or for some, are even visible to the naked eye.

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Orbs have been a persistent and growing manifestation of Patricia’s and Roy’s experience with Oneness Prayer. The photos below show the visitations of orbs at the “Peace Pole” at Unity of Berkeley, and in the room where Patricia and Roy conduct there morning meditations and Oneness Prayers.