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Webcast with Sri Bhagavan and Italy October 9, 2010

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Germana Marinelli

Namaste, Love you all!

Q1: Beloved Bhagavan, is it possible and if so, how to awaken the greatest possible number of people to the vision of oneness. With deep love and gratitude. Thank you Bhagavan.

A1: It is possible for the simple reason that we have got to awaken only 70,000 people to bring about a global transformation. For this, we need only 70,000 blessing givers, which figure we are likely to reach by March or April of 2011. By January or February of 2011, we will be releasing special processes to you which when used is sure to help you become awakened.

Right now this process has been initiated in India and people are getting awakened very, very fast. We are working on methods to adapt it to the West and to people outside India. Once this process is perfected so that will be acceptable to the West, we will be training you and then we will be moving very, very fast.

Since our goal is only 70,000 people, it should not be difficult at all. We are doing quite well and if we continue to go at the same pace, I see no reason why we should not be able to achieve our goal of a global transformation.

Q2: What is the relation between deeksha, the teachings of Oneness, and the teachings of Advaita?

A2: The teachings of Oneness prepare you to become awakened and God realized. But the teachings only prepare you. The teachings by themselves cannot make you awakened or God-realized. They prepare you for the final deeksha. It is deeksha that should give you a peak experience which will then result in awakening. I once again repeat. Teachings by themselves cannot give you awakening or God-realization. They only prepare you for the ultimate deeksha. It is deeksha which will make you awakened and God-realized.

How does the deeksha do it? It gives you a peak experience based on the teachings. And because it is a peak experience, the teachings become a realization. And because it is so profound, it leads to a transformation, either as awakening or God-realization. So that is the ocnnection between the deeksha and the teachings. The teachings are knowledge, deeksha is the power which brings about the changes in the brain whereby you become awakened or God-realized.

The connection with Advaita is if you are a student of Advaita, then the deeksha would give you state of Advaita, whatever Advaita talks about, that would be your state. The state of oneness of non-duality, as spoken about by Advaita. That would be the fruit that you would receive from the deeksha. If you are seeking something else, you will get that. It depends upon what you seek. You will get what you seek.

Q3: Beloved Bhagavan, We all are driven by a common desire to live a more dignified life, but our reality is somewhat far away from this. Every day we hear news of violence in families and society, of terrible crimes, of increased ?? of both manifest and latent environmental calamities caused by man. We all would like to change this situation, and yet it is not happening. Wherever it does happen, it because a group of people are getting together and create a state of union and strength at least until their goal is reached, but yet sometimes, the state is lost even before reaching the goal. Thank you Sri Bhagavan.

A3: As you rightly said, we have to meditate together or pray together to solve our problems or to help people in a calamity. But the problem is coming together and working together in a unified way. To stay together and to be with one another. This problem could be overcome if you practice the art of seeing yourself in others and seeing others in you. As you practice this art, you will find it becomes easier and easier to come together, to meditate together, and to pray together and you will be seeing the results very, very soon.

As you come together and see the results, you will be inspired to come together very often for more such problems. This is not very difficult to achieve because several groups have achieved this. Put in a little effort and you will see that this happens.

Meditation followed

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