OM – Sri Bhagavan teaching Nov-Dec.2017

I mentioned these teaching on my Nov. 29th Q and A before the OM. The file is archived at http://new.livestream.comm/patriciakeelom

*_?Q2.) Beloved Bhagavan, Best Way to Practice the What is ?_*

*? SRI BHAGAVAN : The Best Way to Practice the What is, Is with Spousal Relationships Since you are Your Parents, & Your spouse is his Parents. If You can do this You will See Your Finances & Health Improve.*

*_?Q3.) Beloved Bhagavan, Which is the Best Virtue Forgiveness or Gratitude?_*

*? SRI BHAGAVAN : Of All the Virtues, Gratitude is the Greatest.*

*_?Q4.) Beloved Bhagavan, How to Finally Overcome Conditioning?_*

*? SRI BHAGAVAN : Conditioning is Not Bad, But it Should not make Use of Your Life. Now, It is Making Use of Your Life. Once You are Awakened You can Make Use of Your Good Conditioning When You Need it.*
*Oneness Will not Destroy Your Molds [Which includes Conditioning] & Take You to Total Freedom. But It Will Take You the Border of Freedom So You are Functional & Not a Recluse, But a Worldly Person, Engaging with Life.*
*This Will Happen at Level 70.*
*Oneness Works Within the Mind & Then Beyond. Anything You are Fully Involved with is a Spiritual Practice. The Mind has to Get Focused, Disciplined, Engaged in Planning & Have a Vision.*

*_?Q5.) Beloved Bhagavan, Are you going after Your Vision Totally & Completely?_*

*? SRI BHAGAVAN : After Sometime You will go Beyond the Mind, Beyond Time & Space. But Oneness doesn’t want that yet. First Have Goals & Visions. Don’t Try to Stop Thoughts.*