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ReScripting with Roy
Price: $120.00 for one hour session>

Email Roy at or call 510-923-1500 to schedule an appointment

ReScripting is for those who are committed to investing in their potential, rather than their problems.

ReScripting is for those who have a limiting issue or issues, and who do not want to spend months or years in therapy in order to move forward in life. ReScripting is a unique adaptation of proven methods developed by the world’s most effective change agents.

  • Takes the highest moments of your life and infuses your own strategies for greatness through all your perceptual and behavioral patterns, including your stored memories.
  • Turns your unconscious, dysfunctional behavioral patterns into creative allies for positive change.
  • Installs an unconscious, compelling bias for competence, success and joy.

ReScripting, when successfully completed, provides both immediate and long-term transformation. ReScripting is both powerful and non-invasive, and is designed to produce results in a single session.