Travel Info for Oneness University- Sept. 2015 with Patricia

Dear Friends.
FYI this information pertains to those traveling from North America. If you are from another country you will need to check with your Country Guide for details about your travel.

I wanted to give you some basic information that will help you in planning for your trip to Oneness University.The first place to look is at the There is lots of information about the several courses that are availalbe to you. There is a Campus Calendar for 2015 and also a list by month of the National Organizers who will support your trip. Whether you plan to go to the new Science Courses for one, two or three weeks, or to the New Trainer Course or Advanced Trainer Course, you must register through this website with a National Coordinator. Once you register online you will fill out your application and the process begins. You should receive approval form OU within two weeks or sooner.

I will be taking a group back for the September Science Courses. I recommend that you arrive in Chennai on September 3rd or 4th and then we will travel together to Oneness University on Saturday, Sept. 5th. I usually take m groups to Amma’s ashram i Neman to experience the Healing Puja then stop for lunch and arrive later afternoon at OU.

For more information or to travel with me got to this link

Once your are registered you will become part of our monthly travel calls, replays and online connection to help prepare you for the trip. I ave been to OU 8 times since becoming a deeksha giver in 2006 at the 21 day process. I feel so happy to help and support you as you make this journey of a lifetime. I recommend that you register once you get the “call” to go as the process begins at that moment. DOn’t wait until you have all your ducks in order. The Divine is very adept at arranging our ducks.

There are specific requirement for any of the advanced courses: Trainer, Advanced Trainer and Journey into the Divine. If you have not been to OU before then the only requirement is that you have had at least one course (any course) with a US Certified Trainer. You do not need to be a deeksha giver to attend the new Science Courses. After the second week of the Science Course they will check for your awakening level.

First priority is get your passport so you can get an Indian Visa.


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