Travel to Oneness University

Dates for all the Oneness Courses are at – go to the campus calendar
Information on the fees for the Deepening and Trainers courses are on that website as well
You are charge only for accommodations, per day.It depended which campus you chose as to the daily fee.

Visa information for US traveling to India

If you have a valid US passport, check the dates to make sure that the passport expires well after your return date. If you do not have a passport, you can get one by filling out forms available at any post office. You may also download the forms from If you do not have enough time to get your passport and visa yourself, which takes about 2 months, you can pay for expedited services (see below).

You will need a visa from the Indian government. Many people choose to use an outsourcing service which will expedite the visa and passport application process, such as or

Please do not use BLS at this time.

You could also apply for the visa yourself, but please note that you would need several weeks to send or take your passport to the Indian Embassy for a visa if you want to avoid paying an outsourcer for visa expedited services. You may do this online at

This link is for Canadian residents.

There are only a few offices in major US cities so you will probably want to use the mail in application form. You can get a 6 month, 5 year or 10 year visa. If you think you might want to return to India I would go ahead and get the 10 year visa. Saves you lots of time as well and being the same price as a five year visa.

INFO from Oneness University:
If you need to get a Visa for your country to enter India, please only apply for a Tourist Visa. Just explain on the application that you are traveling India as a tourist sight seeing.
Local Contact/Reference: Narasimha Kumarji
Local Address:?
Chittoor District,?
Andhra Pradesh – 517 541, India

Telephone: +91 93-44-040470
Note: This contact number is for your visa application only – it is the phone for the man who organizes transportation to Oneness University. There is no main phone service at the University.

You will fly to Chennai, India – Airport code is MAA (used to be Madras)

Most international flights arrive in the early morning hours so be sure to check your arrival times and dates before booking any flights. The airport is humming at this time and a taxi/van can be arranged take you to the hotel. You can check in and go to sleep. Oneness University does not allow you to arrive in the middle of the night.

If you rae from the US or Canada and would like to be part of my Travel Group in April 2014, here is the link to Register. I will send you much more information and we will begin conference calls in late January to prepare everyone for the trip. Dates on Campus April 1 arrive in Chennai no later than March 30th. You may take the Deepening 1, 2, 3, or 3 and 4 weeks, or the Advanced Trainer course which is 12 days(April 15-26th). The next trainer course begin May 1st, so you could stay for the deepening and them move directly into the Level One Trainer Course.